Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Guess what?! As of Sunday, we were 6 MONTHS away from the wedding!! We have been engaged for 16 months now which back in July 2009 just seemed so...well, long...and now all of a sudden, it's officially countdown time, and I can't believe how fast the time has gone!!

My thoughts as I'm 6 months away from the wedding are first and foremost..."Wow, I still have a LOT to do" Secondly, I'm realizing that it's the beginning of the end of all this planning, dreaming, and constant wedding "to do" list. While that partly makes me sad, because I'm enjoying this, I know that it's all culminating in the beginning of our life together and that makes me so excited. Really this marks the beginning of the end....of the beginning!

I've gained quite a few new readers since my first post on this little blog so I'm going to take today to recap what's been done so far and assess what I have left to do.

Firstly, Chris and I got engaged at the Atlantis Hotel in the Bahamas on July 23, 2009. It was an incredibly romantic and amazing vacation and I wouldn't have had my proposal any other way, you can read about our trip here.

After about a month, we started work on searching for our venue. It was quite a process, and I think we visited at least 10 places. In the end, we booked a date with The Sandcastle Caterers on Long Island.

I worked through my youtube proposal video addiction, we secured our date with the church, and I picked my wedding dress. In February, we went to listen to a ton of different bands, while simultaneously looking at photographers. We finally settled on Déjà Vu Studios and the band, Arcadia.

This past Spring, we were fortunate enough to have an engagement party in New York, as well as one in Pennsylvania. I also picked my bridesmaids dresses, blocked off rooms at the hotel, secured limos and transportation for the day, and most recently had my hair and makeup trial.  We also mailed out our save-the-dates in the last month.

Basically, we have a LOT done and I think we are right on track. Last week I turned to Chris and said
"Do you realize that we're 6 months away from the wedding?!" He looked at me and said...
"....and you have nothing finished"

Haha...while Chris was joking, there still is LOTS more to do (in order of importance): 
Rehearsal Dinner
Plan Honeymoon!
Bridal Party Gifts- In the works
Out of Town Bags
Table Numbers
Seating Chart

I have another appointment with a florist next Monday. It is my hope to have flowers and the hotel/airfare for our honeymoon finished by the end of the year. Then, that leaves me 5 months to tackle any D-I-Y projects I decide to do, and take care of the smaller things that really can't be done any sooner than a few months before. I'm also finding myself extremely inspired when I see D-I-Y project ideas online, and then end up feeling completely overwhelmed and confused when it gets right down to it. But that's another story for another post.

Thanks for following me on this amazing journey so far, and the ridiculously accurate, down-to-the-second countown is ON!

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Jessica said...

So exciting! You're getting married exactly 1 week before me, but also on the same day as one of my close friends. We actually kind of argued over that date (May 21), but she had a better reason for getting it than me :P

Happy planning!

Emily Silver said...

Congrats! I'm sure the next 6 months will FLY by! Your proposal story is absolutely adorable too :)

Dancy said...

It's so exciting - if it makes you feel any better - you already have a lot more done than I did at my 6mo mark. :)

Mom said...

YIKES!!! You know what's on my to do list! I still need a nice dress to wear among other things. It sure is getting exciting. I'm full of anticipation as I'm sure you are.

Elisse said...

This is a great summary of your wedding planning progress thus far! As a newer follower to your blog, this was helpful! The next 6 months will likely go by quickly, but you know, what - you've accomplished quite a bit, and you're on top of things! Have fun with your DIY projects!

Anne @thefitbridesmaid said...

Wow you're getting married one half hour before us! And swap the limos for the florist, and we're in a dead heat for getting things done. WAY TO BE PRODUCTIVE!

Saying I do said...

Awesome to have some other Spring 2011 brides with me here! Can't wait to count down the bit day with you guys. And thanks for the encouragement guys!
Mom: We'll find you a dress soon!