Monday, October 19, 2009

The Date is SET!

The Countdown Begins.

Chris and I will be getting married on May 21, 2011 at The Sandcastle in Franklin Square. Here is the Sandcastle Caterers. This gives the general idea for the space. I'm excited for them to update their website, it's a bit out of date but they are currently working on updating it. [editor's note: This now is the updated site]

My parents visited this weekend and they were able to see the place, finally! They loved it and I liked it even more seeing the space for the second time, especially since they've done some renovating since the last time I've been there. The outside patio they are building is a really great added touch for the space and I can't wait to see the final product!

Next order of a church!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Slow day at work...

Photography websites really slow down my work computer because there are so many images to load. This is frustrating me.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

This site may just save my life...

While we haven't 100% decided on a venue, we are done looking and just need to have my parents see the places and ultimately sign a contract. At this point, I can see it being in all three places and I will be happy no matter where it is. We should have it settled in the next two weeks!! So, in an effort to keep things moving along, I'm onto the next step: Finding a photographer! do I go about THAT?!?! I was kind of going crazy all day looking at photo after photo, website after website....but I came across this site through (C-Longo) Christina's Wedding photographer's website (Thanks Christina!)


I can search by region (either city/metro or Long Island). This certainly gives me a HUGE amount of options. I think I would definitely trust any (or at least most) of these photographers and I like that it gives an idea of pricing for each photographer.

Again, just like with my reception hall search, I have to say how vitally important a photographer's website is in this process. I immediately noticed a difference by looking at the websites on the WPJA page versus a random "New York Photographers" google search. I've seen some baaaad things out there...and it's scary. Click on the following link: Example 1 Then look around the photo gallery, or just look below for the general idea. You're welcome:

Looking around at all the photos on that website and please, please tell me that all of these pictures are from 1982, they can't possibly be recent! You, as a photographer, are an artist. You, want me, to hire capture my wedding day for all eternity. What, pray tell, makes you think that your website is visually captivating and therefore that your photos are visually captivating?? Posting pictures from 1982 DOES NOT HELP YOU!
Also, to other websites out there: Give me thumbnails! Give me a gallery! Give me Recent Photos!!! And a BLOG about what you are currently working on!! Give me this!

Lastly...if this is what my save the date looks like, please shoot me:

I guess I do know what I want afterall...

Monday, October 5, 2009


I finally figured out how to post my monograms!
The big one is my favorite, but I'm really just messing around. I have lots more to do.