Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Giveaway Winner!

Congratulations to Heather at High Heels & Flip Flops, who won the 12 oz. bag of  granola from Laurie's Granola Creations. 

Heather send me an email with your mail information and we'll get that bag out to you as soon as possible!

Thank you to all who entered!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Happy A-Day Zoey!

I can't believe it but a year ago today, we brought home our little puppy, Zoey, from Sarah at Badass Brooklyn Animal Rescue, after I saw Zoey (then Rita Hayworth) on

She was 8 pounds, and followed me everywhere. She came down with a pretty severe case of pneumonia soon after we got her and after a month of medicines, weekly nebulization treatments, and lots of vet bills, Zoey was better and adapting to her new home.

Happy A-Day (Adoption Day) to you Zoey! May the next year be filled with just as much treats, bones, cuddling, and walks as the last year has been for us! I created the below movie using the imovie app on my ipad. It was my first ever attempt to learn imovie, so I did this on my commute home one day last week for fun, but I thought it came out great! It's safe to say I am officially hooked on imovie.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Our Wedding Album

It only took 16 months, but we finally got our wedding album and parent's album!! Chris and I have a very large album to call our very own. The editor at our photographers said it's the largest album she's ever made. Given the fact that our photographer lost some of our photos (yea, it really did happen), we pretty much were able to get this album however we wanted it, without any extra cost. Given how upset I was with them, they really did a fantastic job with the album even though it's 15 pounds...quite literally.


Recognize our cover? (Hint: Look at my blog header).

Our parents have a 6X6 clone of our album. It's the perfect size to take to visit with friends and family and they are very happy with it.
(Still has the protective plastic cover on the front)

I get such a great feeling as I look through these pages.

It feels very "final" to finally have the album in our hands. It makes me emotional to look through these pages and look back on our day. It makes me emotional to think that these are the same pages our children will turn as they look through "their parent's" wedding album as young children, teenagers, and young adults...planning their own weddings some day.

This feels very final. A perfect completion to the ride that was planning and having our wedding

Friday, October 26, 2012

Friday Final Post on Ashley and Greg's Wedding

I spent the week recapping Ashley and Greg's Wedding Part 1 here and Part 2 here, and now I'm going to close out the week with a full recap of their wedding that I put together using animoto. After all, what wedding is complete without one?!

Enjoy and have a great weekend!!

As always you can read my favorite Friday Wedding stories of the week on Storymix Media's blog.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Laurie's Granola Creations **GIVEAWAY**

Today I'm going to introduce to you the amazing-ness that is Laurie's Granola Creations. Laurie is the mother of a friend of mine and she has created her own all-natural and organic granola that has become wildly popular!
What makes this granola different than most is that it is made with coconut nectar, coconut oil, and coconut palm sugar. It is a healthier version than other granola because it has a low glycemic index, plus all the countless other health benefits of these coconut products. Laurie's Granola Creations comes in 3 different flavors:
  • Organic Turkish Apricot
  • Organic Date
  • Original
Now for the fun stuff: I've tried this granola and it really is amazing. It's perfectly sweet and adds the perfect touch to my yogurt or cereal without all the added "crap" of store-bought granola!

Laurie's Granola Creations is giving away a 12 oz. bag of "Happens to be Healthy Granola" to one lucky reader of Saying "I do".

Happens to be Healthy granola is a delicious mixture of oats, seeds, coconut and other natural and organic ingredients that contain vitamins and nutrients to promote optimum health to support a strong immune system and boost energy. There are many creative ways to use this granola that tastes great and HAPPENS TO BE HEALTHY too! It is crunchy and stands up to• Milk• Fruit• Yogurt • Ice-cream without getting soggy
1. Leave a comment below telling me what your favorite thing is to eat with granola (yogurt, cereal, smoothies, plain!) That's all you have to do!
For additional entries:
2. Like "Laurie's Granola Creations" on Facebook and leave me a comment that you have done so.
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5. Tweet the following: "I just entered @LWoodsNY giveaway to win a free bag of granola from Laurie's Granola Creations. Enter here!" and leave me a comment saying you did.

Anyone can enter! Contest ends at midnight EST on Monday, October 29th, 2012 and the winner will be announced on Wednesday, October 31st, 2012, good luck!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Ashley and Greg's Wedding Part II

After the ceremony and cocktail hour for Ashley and Greg, we walked into the reception room at the New Haven Lawn Club, which was beautifully decorated and just plain beautiful!

The bride and groom were announced and they shared their first dance to "A Thousand Years" by Christina Perri.
We then heard from the Maid of Honor and Best Man
When the speeches were over, we were treated to a special performance by the bride herself! Ashley is a natural performer and Chris and I saw her sing and act many times while we were at Wagner College together. She sang an adorable song called "Sorta Love Song" by Paul Loessel and Scott Burkell. Paul Loessel was the person who helped facilitate Greg's proposal to Ashley on the stage of the Broadway Musical, Wicked.

See Ashley perform her whole song here!

While this was going on we were served salads followed by a lemon sorbetto intermezzo!!

Then we were served our meal. I ordered the Thyme Maple Glazed Chicken with Crispy Sweet Potato, Blue Cheese, and Herbs, Saute of Applewood Lardon and Garlic Spinach, with Smokey Green Onion Deep Red Sauce. Can we say amazing?? Chris got the steak which I forgot to take a picture of.
After a bit of dancing, it was time for the cake cutting. I loved this simple and elegant cake with the peach satin ribbon, flower icing, and simple Monogram "A" for their cake topper. As you know, I've been to a lot of weddings, and I usually don't like to proclaim anyone as having "the best" of something. But...I'm gonna break my rule this time and announce that this was the BEST wedding cake I've ever tasted. Hands down, no contest, the BEST. If I hadn't had my wedding yet, I would order my cake from here...even if I had to pay extra to ship it from Connecticut. Ashley ordered it from Fusion Bakery in Middletown, Connecticut, and it was strawberry with Italian butter cream. YUM!
But they didn't stop there. No...Ashley and Greg had a cupcake table!! Flavors included: Limoncello, chocolate, red velvet, vanilla and carrot cake.
 And just when I thought it couldn't get any better than that....this happened:
A shot glass of milk with the softest, warmest, most amazing chocolate chip cookie ever.
I died and went to sweet-tooth heaven.
While all the sweet-tooth satisfying madness was happening, Greg and his mom danced to "How Sweet It Is" by James Taylor.
And Ashley and her father danced to "My Girl" by the Temptations.
Then Ashley did the Bouquet Toss:
The garter toss...a fun and tastefully done tradition:
I'm not sure what the odds are of this happening...but the Best Man caught the bouquet (standing off to the side) and his WIFE caught the garter (also standing off to the side!) It certainly made for some funny memories for them.

And once all of that was done, what was left to do? We dance and take pictures of course!!

As we left, there was a basket of pink ribbon cookies with a small note that a donation was made to Susan G. Komen For The Cure to help fight breast cancer.

Congratulations to Greg and Ashley! We are so happy and excited for you both!

As I mentioned yesterday, Greg is the co-founder and CTO of UnTappd, the social networking app for beer drinkers and lovers. For more information, and to download the app, visit the website here.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Ashley and Greg's Wedding Part 1

Thanks to the powers that be at blogger, my blogger issue is fixed and I'm back to recap the 8th and final wedding that Chris and I attended this year!

On September 28th, Chris and I headed up to Connecticut for Ashley and Greg's wedding. We allotted lots of extra time to check into the hotel and head over to the ceremony, but unfortunately, really bad traffic and terrible weather threw a wrench into our plans. We sat in traffic for hours and had to go right to the church. I felt horrible - I HATE showing up late to weddings, but here we were pulling into the church parking lot 20 minutes late! We contemplated even going in, but it turned out we only missed the first 5 minutes of it since the weather had held everyone up! We saw a majority of the ceremony and I'm so glad we still were able to make it there.
I loved these music paper programs with the beautiful black satin ribbon

Ashley looked stunning and her hip hugging dress showed off her fabulous figure!
After the ceremony, we had just enough time to head to New Haven, check into our hotel, change, and rush over to the beautiful New Haven Lawn Club for the cocktail hour and reception.
personalized cocktail napkins
Beautiful centerpieces on cocktail tables
Sean, Chris and Jeff
pretty chandelier
Jeff loved these mini pulled-pork sliders

With the Hubby!
My drink of choice for the entire night was their signature cocktail the "Victoria's Secret": Coconut Rum, Chambord, Pineapple juice and Cranberry juice.
Greg is the co-founder and CTO of UnTappd, the social networking app for beer drinkers and lovers (download here!) So of course, Greg hand-picked the several beers they had on hand at the wedding. Guests who used the Untappd app even got a special badge for checking in that day in honor of the newlyweds!

We then entered the reception and saw all the great personalized details Ashley and Greg had put together for their big day:
Table number with placecards
Mr. and Mrs. signs on their chairs
Card-box and wish tags
Next up: We party as the Reception begins!