Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Wedding Recap: The Morning of the Wedding

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Sandra and Terri, who I raved about yesterday, arrived at our house at 9:00am sharp the morning of the wedding to begin hair and makeup on me, my sister, and mother. The rest of my girls arrived at 10:00 to start getting ready. It seemed so early to me, but I couldn't believe how quickly the time went and in the end, they finished just in the nick of time!

(I also want to point out that my in-laws literally moved out of the house the week before the wedding and Chris and I hadn't yet moved the house is pretty much bare and a bit disheveled in these pics)
Sandra working on Melissa

Modeling my flip flops and DIY Flowers:
I found my headband at target on Thursday before the wedding. I was going crazy trying to find a headpiece I liked and was on my way to the mall when I quickly headed into target to buy matching umbrellas in case it rained on Saturday. I happened to walk past the hair aisle and this immediately caught my eye. It was exactly the simple, pearl-like style I was looking for..and it was $10!The pearl clips are my mother's from college.

Our photographers arrived an hour before the wedding and took some shots around the house: Remember my tissue paper bouquets from our rehearsal? I used them again the next day as decor in wine bottles. Each wine bottle had a tag on it stating what event and with whom in my bridal party it had been shared with!
Invitation with shoes

Now here's is my mistake #1 as a bride (there will be others), and a good lesson to pass on to you bride-to-be's! I was so nervous that I would forget the wedding bands for the church the day of the wedding, so I was super eager to pass them off to our Best Man at the rehearsal the night before the wedding. That way I knew they were in his hands, and he would bring them to the church the next day. Duh! Because of that, I didn't have all the rings at the house for our photographer to take pictures of them before the wedding!! I didn't even think about that, so we only had pictures of my engagement ring with the invitation, which came out fine...but I was pretty annoyed at myself for not having them all together.

We had extra Hershey Kisses from our out of town bags, so those were out as well:

As you know, I would have had a TON of other photos to show you here of me and my bridesmaids getting ready, and posed shots outside my house, but the photographer lost those (read about that here) so I just have  a few personal shots from my camera...No, I don't want to talk about it.

Molly checking out her hair style options:
The girls waiting to be prepped for the day!
Another proposal?!
Mandy, Molly and Melissa - clearly I'm only friends with people who's names begin with an M.
Mom is all done, look how pretty!!
MOH getting her hair did...

Mal and her kicks
Dancing with Sister:
My bouquet arrived!
Finally time for my makeup!

Next up: time to get in MY DRESS!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Wedding Recap: Hair and Makeup

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I absolutely loved my hair and makeup ladies for my wedding day! I had two hair trials with Terri and one makeup trial with Sandra of

I really wanted/needed an up-do because I didn't want my hair to cover the back of my dress since that was my favorite part of it. hair is just too thin to do half-up/half down. I ended up changing my hairstyle last minute the morning of the wedding from a French Twist to curly up-do. It was a great hairstyle for me, except for one curl which literally would not stay up no matter how many bobby pins and hairspray Terri used on me. It was up for most of the day...and when it came down again during the reception, it didn't matter.
Sandra working on my makeup

I loved having these two ladies by my side to help me get ready for my wedding day. They were outgoing, personable, and I felt so comfortable in their hands. Thanks Sandra and Terri!
Here with Sandra and Terri

Monday, August 29, 2011

Kerry's Bachelorette Party in Southampton

What a weekend!! We survived the hurricane here in New York without any damage to the house and not even ONE power outtage! I realize we are very lucky that nothing bad happened....but I will say I was hoping for a little more excitement. However, after driving around the neighborhood yesterday we couldn't believe how many trees were actually knocked down in our area! Once we looked around and saw the damage on all the other streets, I realized just how lucky we actually were. One house 4 blocks away, even had a tree fall completely through the middle of it!

In honor of my new blog design (What do you think? Thank you so much to Summaiyah from Custom Scrapbook Blog Designs!!!), I am so excited to share with you the fabulous Bachelorette party I attended in Southampton last weekend! Kerry's Bachelorette weekend was exactly what I hoped it would be and more: relaxing, fun, and a total girls get-away! When we arrived at Alyssa's house (her MOH), Kerry's getaway car was all decorated so everyone would know we were heading into a fabulous weekend in style!

The bridesmaids gathered 'round the car before hitting the road:
We caused quite a scene driving through Southampton, honking our horns at passing cars and people on the street, blasting music, and totally living it up! (Disclaimer: we were in a parking lot when these pics were taken, we weren't THAT crazy)

We stopped at Duckwalk Vineyards and sampled amazing wines. I bought a boysenberry dessert wine which I am seriously LOVING!
We LOOOOVVVVEEEEDDD our wine guy, who just so happened to be named, Michael!

After the winery, we arrived at the most amaaazing house, ever! Huge living room, huge pool and a jacuzzi under the deck, and a nice long dining room table that could easily fit all 10 of us.
After picking out our rooms, unpacking the cars, and making a few drinks, we decided to hit up the pool...but not before getting our special personalized koozies that Kate made!

 Kate also made us sun visers:

We grabbed our drinks and headed out to the pool

Friday night we had a great dinner, and Kerry's mom and her best friend (who happened to live right down the street) stopped by for dinner! It was really nice to spend a bit of time with them our first night there. They reminised a lot about the "good old days": how they both met their husbands, how Kerry's mom remembers when Kerry came home talking about this boy named Michael, and just talking about how the people we meet in our lives have such a way of shaping our whole lives (For instance, Kerry was introduced to Mike through her friend Dana, and Dana was introduced to her boyfriend, Derek, through Kerry).
Martine, Kerry and her mom!

Kerry got her very own "Bride to Be" goblet that Alyssa, Lindsay and Amanda made for her. We each took turns drinking out of it...because how often do you get to drink out of a giant goblet?!
Friday night we goofed around, danced, laughed and had a good time all in each other's company:

Saturday we literally lounged around the pool and took naps all day. I don't even have pictures from the day because it was just so relaxing and fun but nothing happened at the same time, ya know? I slept for 45 minutes on a raft in the was glorious! That night we had homemade chicken quesadillas for dinner (thanks Amanda)!
And then we all go ready for a night out at Axe Lounge at Dune.

Kate and Michelle

Kerry working on Dana's hair
When we all got beautified we were off to the club. It turned out the club was literally right down the street from us, we were in our shuttle for literally under a minute!! It was pretty funny when the shuttle driver left our street, made a right and we were there, we probably could have walked it! (But wouldn't have in our heels anyway...) 
Me and Dana!
Anna and Katie

It was fun...and quite an experience. Hampton's clubs are certainly exactly what I thought they would be...pretentious, and filled with annoying people. But being the strong willed girls that we are...ummmm...we still had a great time!!
To close out the weekend, Sunday we had breakfast at Rumba which was an awesome place right along the water with fantastic food. I loved their hours sign on the door:
Katie and Michelle took these light-up glasses from the club the night before and brought them out at brunch the next day:
 One last toast before we bid the weekend adieu.
I love all of Kerry's friends and have had such an amazing time getting to know these ladies over the past year. Less than one month till Kerry and Mike's wedding...bring it!!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Friday Find: New York City Proposal

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Friday Wedding Find already?! I loooove proposal videos, (I cannot get enough of them), and I obviously love New York when you put them together, you have one great, creative, artistic, and romantic New York City moment:

This girl is of to prepare for Hurricane IRENE! Stay safe and stay dry this weekend!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Wedding Recap: The Rehearsal Dinner

What happened so far:
We got mani/pedis at Deja Vu Nail Salon
We had our ceremony rehearsal at our Church
Chris gave his gifts to the groomsmen
I gave my girls their gifts and you can ENTER TO WIN A BRIDESMAID TOTEBAG HERE:

Now, onto the actual rehearsal dinner!

Our Rehearsal Dinner was held at Rollin' Greens Bar and Tavern, which is right down the street from us. We had a buffet dinner of penne al la vodka, sausage and peppers, eggplant rollatini, and chicken francaise. The whole night was pretty much mingling, drinking, and eating as I bounced between friends, family, and chris' family. All the while still running through lists in my head and really just wanting to sleep...I was overwhelmed to say the least.
Mark, Molly, Matt, Billy and Mandy
Melissa and Dakota having a heart to heart with Ben
 The Queen's Gang
 Mom with her sister, Aunt Anita and Cousin Nina from Texas:
Chris with my 85 year old Grandpa, my Uncle John who came all the way from Hong Kong, Dad and Uncle David!
Chris's mom with her cousin, Evelyn, who flew in from California:
 The whole Bridal Party!
 Even more of the whole gang-significant others included!

Getting GOOFY!
Doing a kick-line with the boys:
 It's ok will dry!
Chris and Lauren
Hanging out with Chris and Corinne

Kyle and Mal

James, Ben and Smithers!

For dessert, Chris's mom got us a napoleon cake which was a total hit! If you've never had a napoleon, try and order one the next time you're at an Italian bakery. It will change your life!

We gave out our gifts, danced to the macarena, did a kickline, and I was home and in bed by 2:00....while I think half of our bridal party still remained at the bar drinking until much later! 
The last picture of us before we become husband and wife!