Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Wedding Recap: The Morning of the Wedding

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Sandra and Terri, who I raved about yesterday, arrived at our house at 9:00am sharp the morning of the wedding to begin hair and makeup on me, my sister, and mother. The rest of my girls arrived at 10:00 to start getting ready. It seemed so early to me, but I couldn't believe how quickly the time went and in the end, they finished just in the nick of time!

(I also want to point out that my in-laws literally moved out of the house the week before the wedding and Chris and I hadn't yet moved the house is pretty much bare and a bit disheveled in these pics)
Sandra working on Melissa

Modeling my flip flops and DIY Flowers:
I found my headband at target on Thursday before the wedding. I was going crazy trying to find a headpiece I liked and was on my way to the mall when I quickly headed into target to buy matching umbrellas in case it rained on Saturday. I happened to walk past the hair aisle and this immediately caught my eye. It was exactly the simple, pearl-like style I was looking for..and it was $10!The pearl clips are my mother's from college.

Our photographers arrived an hour before the wedding and took some shots around the house: Remember my tissue paper bouquets from our rehearsal? I used them again the next day as decor in wine bottles. Each wine bottle had a tag on it stating what event and with whom in my bridal party it had been shared with!
Invitation with shoes

Now here's is my mistake #1 as a bride (there will be others), and a good lesson to pass on to you bride-to-be's! I was so nervous that I would forget the wedding bands for the church the day of the wedding, so I was super eager to pass them off to our Best Man at the rehearsal the night before the wedding. That way I knew they were in his hands, and he would bring them to the church the next day. Duh! Because of that, I didn't have all the rings at the house for our photographer to take pictures of them before the wedding!! I didn't even think about that, so we only had pictures of my engagement ring with the invitation, which came out fine...but I was pretty annoyed at myself for not having them all together.

We had extra Hershey Kisses from our out of town bags, so those were out as well:

As you know, I would have had a TON of other photos to show you here of me and my bridesmaids getting ready, and posed shots outside my house, but the photographer lost those (read about that here) so I just have  a few personal shots from my camera...No, I don't want to talk about it.

Molly checking out her hair style options:
The girls waiting to be prepped for the day!
Another proposal?!
Mandy, Molly and Melissa - clearly I'm only friends with people who's names begin with an M.
Mom is all done, look how pretty!!
MOH getting her hair did...

Mal and her kicks
Dancing with Sister:
My bouquet arrived!
Finally time for my makeup!

Next up: time to get in MY DRESS!


Mom said...

Nice pictures. Brings back so many memories!

Megan said...

You looked so beautiful! I love all of your DIY projects. I can't wait to see more pictures!

Heather said...

I know exactly what you mean about feeling like the start time was so early, but doesn't the time just fly by? And that's awesome about finding the headband at Target -- I love it! I also got my wedding day earrings there, and they were perfect. Good point about the rings, too. We also didn't have both rings with us at the house that morning, but our photographer was able to take some pictures at the church before the wedding and brought the invitation there, too, so it worked out.

Kassi @ Truly Lovely said...

These are fun!! There weren't many pictures of us getting ready either... And guess what... My photographer took ZERO ring pictures! Pretty much ZERO detail pictures... So don't feel bad friend!

The Vintage Modern Bride said...

you, your mom, and your bridesmaids look GAWWWJESS! just love all the pics. i can't believe you got your headband at tarjay! that's an awesome find :) i'm still sorry about your pictures. want me to beat up your photog? ;)

Heather said...

I love how your hair and makeup turned out! You look gorgeous! I actually have that same target headband, except I didn't realize it was a headband because my mom purchased it for me to use as a potential garter. We don't have any hair or makeup photos either. We started hair and makeup early and even though they were still working on me when the photographers showed up, both photogs were outside setting up their equipment the entire time. I tried to stall as long as I could, but didn't want to take up any more of my MUA's time. Of course this isn't quite the same as losing photos. So, so sorry you had to go through that!

Sara said...

You look great! I love your hair! It's so classy and sophisticated! LOVE! Looks like the morning of the wedding was wonderful!!

Jasmine said...

i love that all your bridesmaids had on those zip-ups! i tried doing that but everywhere i went they were the wrong color or something. but in the pictures it just makes everything look so cohesive!

AND, i totally know what you mean about how you "made a mistake" and gave the rings to the best man which meant you didn't have them for the pictures. i, too, gave them up too early! :(

Bride-onicles said...

The photos are gorgeous, I especially love the ones with the shoes and invitations. Your hair and makeup came out perfect.

steph c said...

On the bright side, at least you and some of your girls were able to snap some pictures of the getting ready process.. they may not be professional or the amount that you wanted, but you still have something! For a hot minute, I thought all the pics were recovered!

I'm totally digging the headband.. love that you found it at Target and LOVE that it was only $10!!