Monday, August 29, 2011

Kerry's Bachelorette Party in Southampton

What a weekend!! We survived the hurricane here in New York without any damage to the house and not even ONE power outtage! I realize we are very lucky that nothing bad happened....but I will say I was hoping for a little more excitement. However, after driving around the neighborhood yesterday we couldn't believe how many trees were actually knocked down in our area! Once we looked around and saw the damage on all the other streets, I realized just how lucky we actually were. One house 4 blocks away, even had a tree fall completely through the middle of it!

In honor of my new blog design (What do you think? Thank you so much to Summaiyah from Custom Scrapbook Blog Designs!!!), I am so excited to share with you the fabulous Bachelorette party I attended in Southampton last weekend! Kerry's Bachelorette weekend was exactly what I hoped it would be and more: relaxing, fun, and a total girls get-away! When we arrived at Alyssa's house (her MOH), Kerry's getaway car was all decorated so everyone would know we were heading into a fabulous weekend in style!

The bridesmaids gathered 'round the car before hitting the road:
We caused quite a scene driving through Southampton, honking our horns at passing cars and people on the street, blasting music, and totally living it up! (Disclaimer: we were in a parking lot when these pics were taken, we weren't THAT crazy)

We stopped at Duckwalk Vineyards and sampled amazing wines. I bought a boysenberry dessert wine which I am seriously LOVING!
We LOOOOVVVVEEEEDDD our wine guy, who just so happened to be named, Michael!

After the winery, we arrived at the most amaaazing house, ever! Huge living room, huge pool and a jacuzzi under the deck, and a nice long dining room table that could easily fit all 10 of us.
After picking out our rooms, unpacking the cars, and making a few drinks, we decided to hit up the pool...but not before getting our special personalized koozies that Kate made!

 Kate also made us sun visers:

We grabbed our drinks and headed out to the pool

Friday night we had a great dinner, and Kerry's mom and her best friend (who happened to live right down the street) stopped by for dinner! It was really nice to spend a bit of time with them our first night there. They reminised a lot about the "good old days": how they both met their husbands, how Kerry's mom remembers when Kerry came home talking about this boy named Michael, and just talking about how the people we meet in our lives have such a way of shaping our whole lives (For instance, Kerry was introduced to Mike through her friend Dana, and Dana was introduced to her boyfriend, Derek, through Kerry).
Martine, Kerry and her mom!

Kerry got her very own "Bride to Be" goblet that Alyssa, Lindsay and Amanda made for her. We each took turns drinking out of it...because how often do you get to drink out of a giant goblet?!
Friday night we goofed around, danced, laughed and had a good time all in each other's company:

Saturday we literally lounged around the pool and took naps all day. I don't even have pictures from the day because it was just so relaxing and fun but nothing happened at the same time, ya know? I slept for 45 minutes on a raft in the was glorious! That night we had homemade chicken quesadillas for dinner (thanks Amanda)!
And then we all go ready for a night out at Axe Lounge at Dune.

Kate and Michelle

Kerry working on Dana's hair
When we all got beautified we were off to the club. It turned out the club was literally right down the street from us, we were in our shuttle for literally under a minute!! It was pretty funny when the shuttle driver left our street, made a right and we were there, we probably could have walked it! (But wouldn't have in our heels anyway...) 
Me and Dana!
Anna and Katie

It was fun...and quite an experience. Hampton's clubs are certainly exactly what I thought they would be...pretentious, and filled with annoying people. But being the strong willed girls that we are...ummmm...we still had a great time!!
To close out the weekend, Sunday we had breakfast at Rumba which was an awesome place right along the water with fantastic food. I loved their hours sign on the door:
Katie and Michelle took these light-up glasses from the club the night before and brought them out at brunch the next day:
 One last toast before we bid the weekend adieu.
I love all of Kerry's friends and have had such an amazing time getting to know these ladies over the past year. Less than one month till Kerry and Mike's wedding...bring it!!


Jessica said...

Looks like y'all had a lot of fun!! VERY glad to hear y'all personally weathered the storm well. It is a crazy thing how the destruction can vary from block to block.

K said...

Looks like you guys had a great time! I need to find a house like that for my bachelorette party!

AlwaysWright said...

Looks amazing. And a pool... don't have many places with that luxury here in England, so jealous. Looks like to have been the perfect hen party. Love the new look to your blog too btw, I need to figure out how to perk mine up.

Heather said...

Glad you made it through the hurricane safely, Laura! This sounds like my kind of weekend for sure. What a complete blast, from the wine tasting to the quesadillas. Yes, please!

Kerry said...

I don't think the weekend could have gone any better! It was the perfect getaway thanks to a perfect group of ladies.

Laura said...

That looks so fun!

I have no idea what my bachelorette party is going to be like. My sister and friends are keeping it all a surprise. If it's anything like this South Hampton getaway I'll be thrilled!!

mom said...

Internet finally up! YEA! Glad you survived the storm.Looks like your weekend was quite a success!

Bride-onicles said...

Looks like an amazing weekend with a group of great and fun girls!! Thats what I love about being a part of wedding festivities, you meet so many cool people!!

The Vintage Modern Bride said...

that looks like a BLAST! i want to go to southhampton with you tooooo! lol

Nicole-Lynn said...

Aw looks like you girls had a wonderful time! Love all the decorations and the koozies! Super cute.

Stephanie Mulato said...

Hi There, do you have this rental info?! It looks great! I am planning the same time of weekend for my friend who is getting married. Was it available for 2 nights only? Thank you!