Monday, August 22, 2011

Wedding Recap: Groomsmen Gifts

Before I get to our rehearsal dinner, I want to let you know what we got our bridal party as far as gifts since we ended up handing them out that night.

For the Men: We got them these etched beer mugs and a bottle of their favorite alcohol to go with it. I ordered these personalized beer mugs which each groomsman's name on it from
They actually shipped me two "Matthew" glasses instead of two "Christopher" glasses. Seeing as we received this order a mere three days before the wedding, we were very lucky that the only person who was affected by this error was the groom himself, and he didn't need to be gifted his beer glass right away. I sent a complaint to the company and they immediately corrected the problem and said I can keep the extra "Matthew" glass, and they'll send me a new glass that reads "Christopher".
Well, one week later, I received a shipment of SEVEN beer glasses that read "Christopher". Unfortunately, 4 of them were broken in the now we have three "Christopher" mugs and one "Matthew"! haha, oh well, they certainly fixed the issue, and by the time I got the replacement order I didn't really care that half of them were broken. They were easy to deal with, but I wouldn't say this is a top of the line company, they didn't even bubble wrap the glasses in the shipment!

We placed the glasses in these gold gift bags from Michaels and wrote their names on each one:

Here's Chris handing out his gifts, and clearly excited by this:
 Matt is very eager for his beer glass and gin:
  Next up is Chris:
Then Michael gets his glass and his patrรณn:
 Billy seems happy with his gift!
 James seems pretty satisfied as well!
 And last but not least, Chris' Best Man, and Brother, Michael:
Tomorrow: You'll hear what we got the Bridesmaids!


Mom said...

Good thing you're recapping. I didn't even know the guys got beer glasses and I was there. Haha. Gold bags are a nice touch.

Anne @strawberryjampackedlife said...

Dang, at least it worked out! And the guys appear to be loving the beer glasses!

The Vintage Modern Bride said...

i love this idea! i wish i could do it too (it's brilliant) but we'll have a ton of conservative family members around when we pass out our gifts. i love it though!

Heather said...

Great gift idea! That's so dumb that the company didn't even bubble wrap them and made mistakes, though! I'll put this company on my list to avoid when making suggestions to clients and friends.

Sara said...

I am sure they loved their glasses!! Sorry you had some snafus with the company but glad it all worked out

It's A Love Story said...

Cute!! I had a really hard time with the groomsmen gifts

Kassi @ Truly Lovely said...

That's a GREAT groomsmen gift idea!!! :)

Bride-onicles said...

Thats awesome..we were thinking about doing something along this lines but beer mugs with their favorite team name on it since most of groomzillas guys are WAY into sports!!

steph c said...

I think customized beer glasses are a winning groomsmen gift for pretty much anyone! For the ones that had the right name and weren't broken.. they look great!

sanam arzoo said...

these are all such great and thoughtful gifts! I laughed at your comment about the marriage day gift exchange, I recently mentioned that to my fiance and he refused to believe "it could be a thing.I seriously just love your necklace in those bridal photos. you create me wish i had worn one. it's perfect!!!! Wedding Gifts