Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Ashley and Greg's Wedding Part 1

Thanks to the powers that be at blogger, my blogger issue is fixed and I'm back to recap the 8th and final wedding that Chris and I attended this year!

On September 28th, Chris and I headed up to Connecticut for Ashley and Greg's wedding. We allotted lots of extra time to check into the hotel and head over to the ceremony, but unfortunately, really bad traffic and terrible weather threw a wrench into our plans. We sat in traffic for hours and had to go right to the church. I felt horrible - I HATE showing up late to weddings, but here we were pulling into the church parking lot 20 minutes late! We contemplated even going in, but it turned out we only missed the first 5 minutes of it since the weather had held everyone up! We saw a majority of the ceremony and I'm so glad we still were able to make it there.
I loved these music paper programs with the beautiful black satin ribbon

Ashley looked stunning and her hip hugging dress showed off her fabulous figure!
After the ceremony, we had just enough time to head to New Haven, check into our hotel, change, and rush over to the beautiful New Haven Lawn Club for the cocktail hour and reception.
personalized cocktail napkins
Beautiful centerpieces on cocktail tables
Sean, Chris and Jeff
pretty chandelier
Jeff loved these mini pulled-pork sliders

With the Hubby!
My drink of choice for the entire night was their signature cocktail the "Victoria's Secret": Coconut Rum, Chambord, Pineapple juice and Cranberry juice.
Greg is the co-founder and CTO of UnTappd, the social networking app for beer drinkers and lovers (download here!) So of course, Greg hand-picked the several beers they had on hand at the wedding. Guests who used the Untappd app even got a special badge for checking in that day in honor of the newlyweds!

We then entered the reception and saw all the great personalized details Ashley and Greg had put together for their big day:
Table number with placecards
Mr. and Mrs. signs on their chairs
Card-box and wish tags
Next up: We party as the Reception begins!


Christi said...

Love all the details and the pink, of course!

Heather said...

Looks like a beautiful wedding! I LOVE your dress!

Mom said...

Okay I'm just going to say it...Sean is cute! Not as cute as the guy he's standing next to but still cute! Lol. Love the bride's dress and the table number cards. Very classy wedding.