Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Mal and Eric's (Surprise) Engagement Party

Remember my friends Mal and Eric, who just got engaged? Well on Saturday, September 29, they had a surprise engagement party of epic proportions! My friend, Lauren, did an amazing job putting together this beautiful party. Complete with gold balloons with pictures of the couple tied to the strings, personalized Mal and Eric coasters, candle-lighting everywhere, pumpkins spray painted with their initials in gold, PLUS amazing food, it was a stellar party from start to finish.

Lauren and her mom were anxiously awaiting Mal and Eric's arrival!!

They finally arrived, and were VERY Surprised as they walked into the house!

And of course, we oogle the ring!

The cake was awesome and made by a friend of a friend who owns a bakery. It was out of this world and pretty too!

Mandy and I enjoy our glasses of vino

Lauren set out this "Honeymoon Fund" jar to collect funds for the honeymoon. It was very cute...though I don't think that cash pile grew very much during the party :)

Mal and Eric opened their presents

Lauren had ordered pretzel rods decorated as brides and grooms. How cute is this??

Top: Lauren and Mal, and below: together with their moms:

Mal and Eric with Mal's family:

Love these girls!

Here is a full slideshow with all my pictures and video of the toasts from the evening:


K said...

So cute! That was so sweet of them to throw such a great party!

drexcrombie said...

Great picture of the Smiths and Sweeneys! Mr. Sweeney was the first NY Yankee I ever met! (I swore when we were little, and he was our Schnecksville softball coach that he played for the Yanks haha). Great posts Laura :)

mavanyo said...

drexcrombie was Mal V btw :)

Mom said...

What an awesome party. What flavor was the cake? It's so classy looking.

Laura at Saying I do said...

I think the cake was chocolate with raspberry and the raspberry was SO FRESH! It was delish!