Monday, September 17, 2012

Congratulations to Mal and Eric!

These two crazy cats got engaged the night before I left for Disney and I did not have a chance until now to post about it! I've known Mal since I was two years old, and we have been through a lot together through the years: Pre-K, elementary school (her mom was my first grade teacher), Jr. High, High school...sniper vodka... ;). I adore Eric and am so happy that we're "stuck" with him for good! Eric proposed to Mal in Charleston, South Carolina while they were away on a romantic vacation, with plans to meet up with friends on Saturday night. He took Mal to a restaurant where 4 years ago, was the first place they had ever said "I love you" to each other.

Mal wrote:
Eric was insistent on stopping at the Bowhicket Marina for a drink, but when we got there, it was still during the day so it was less of a dive-bar and more of a family restaurant. He pulled me through the restaurant and we started walking on the docks where all the boats are, but I noticed he was pulling me away from everyone else. Then all of a sudden he slowed down.

He stopped and looked at me and said "I have a confession to make." and my HEART STOPPED. I was like oh no what is he going to say!!! But then he continued by saying... "Ashley and Joe aren't coming...I brought you here for another reason...because 3 years ago this was were I first said I love you and this was where I knew I wanted to ask you...  (gets down on one knee) will you marry me?!"
What an unbelievably sweet, and amazing proposal story! I am so excited for one of my favorite couples and can't wait for festivities to begin for what I'm sure will be a memorable, and epic, wedding.

Mal told me about a very interesting thing that Eric had done with her ring before proposing. Eric's jeweler had real, professional, high-res photos of the ring taken for Mal to have as a keepsake. Isn't that a great idea? Check out how gorgeous this ring is.

Well done Eric, well done! Here it is in action on Mal's hand:
P.S. Mal caught the bouquet at our wedding, so I can't help but think that we had something to do with this. Just saying ;) 

And just like that, another wedding begins! :)


Heather said...

What a sweet proposal story and gorgeous ring! Congrats to them!

All you need is love said...

What a sweet story, and a gorgeous ring! And her catching the bouquet at your wedding DEFINITELY had something to do with it! :-p

Mom said...

congratulations, Mal and Eric! Great idea on the shots of the ring and yes...Mal catching the bouquet at your wedding definitely had a hand in this