Tuesday, September 25, 2012

James and Maria's Rehearsal Dinner

On Friday September 7, Chris and I rushed off after work to James and Maria's rehearsal at the beautiful St. Barnabas church in Bellmore, New York.

When we arrived, the first order of business was to sign the marriage license.
MOH, Joanna, and BM, Chris, sign the marriage license
And then the rehearsal began. Maria walked down the aisle with a cute little flower to hold as her bouquet.

The rehearsal dinner was right down the street at Paddy's Loft, where we all gathered for great drinks, food and fun!
Maria and her cousins
James and the Groomsmen
Maria and her bridesmaids, Jr. Bridesmaid and Flower girl
With James's Family
The happy couple, about to be newlyweds!

  Next up: The wedding!


HiLLjO said...

How fun! They all look so snazzy!

I think I may be a little Italian; not hereditarily, but in spirit. Love me a big family!

HiLLjO said...
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Dancy said...

Ahhh! One my best friends from college was married there. It's an awesome church to be a bridesmaid in - the aisle's not that long! LOL

Mom said...

Everyone in both of their families looks so beautiful. Great genes, I guess. Can't wait for the wedding blog.