Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Maria's Bachelorette Party

In honor of James and Maria's wedding this coming weekend (sooo excited!!), I'm finally recapping Maria's bachelorette party from a few weeks ago! Day-drinking with the parents had literally sucked the life out of me and by that Friday, I still hadn't recovered from BlogHer, wineries, and other such events. Luckily, Maria's friend, Kristine, graciously agreed to drive me down on Saturday morning since she was planning on leaving in that day anyway. We arrived Saturday morning around 10:00am and the girls were just getting up to start their day. It sounded like I had missed a pretty crazy night out the night before, but I was certainly refreshed and ready to party!

On the boardwalk, I went into my first funhouse and I can definitely say...it was indeed FUN!
We hung out on the beach for an hour or so, but it started to rain around 3:00 so we ran back to our hotel. We needed some time to get ready for dinner and the night anyway so before we knew it, we were heading out to dinner at Il Giardinello Ristorante.
Maria with her cousin Christiana
My driving partner, Kristine! Kristine enjoyed my very random little tidbits of information about myself and I liked Kristine because she could talk to me at length about the Real Housewives and other bad reality TV!! I'm kinda low on people in my life who share my taste for bad reality tv...so this was a treat :)
The table of fabulous ladies for Maria's Bachelorette Party!
Our waiters were CUTE and we were not shy in telling them so. Here's Maria with Maurice and Nick - they politely declined our offers to meet up at the club that night.
We then went back to the room to pre-game before heading out to Jenks for the night. Jenks is a popular spot for the Jersey Shore crew...and unfortunately, we didn't see them there. (It's ok...I got to see them in Florence)

But first, there were some things to take care of. Maria's bridesmaids did a great job of decorating the room and adding some of those "bacheloretty" details

We gave Maria her gifts...
And then presented her with a scrapbook in which each of us had contributed pages! I have to hand it to James' sister, Vanessa, for coming up with this idea. It definitely tugged at maria's (and our) heartstrings.

Gettin' her makeup done by her future sister-in-law

And then we were off to the club to party!

And party we did!

I am so excited for this weekend!


Heather said...

Looks like a blast! I love the scrapbook idea!

Mom said...

What a bevy of beauties! It is clear you all had a fab time. Love the scrapbook as well.

All you need is love said...

Looks like a great group of gals and you look fantastic! Hope you had a great summer!!!

The Vintage Modern Wife said...

looks like so much fun!

Banner Printing Services said...

I enjoyed your pictures, you ladies are beautiful indeed.

Anonymous said...

I'm dating one of those waiters, so watch it! Lol I'm glad you guys had a good time =) I hope you had a good wedding and you all looked lovely :)