Monday, November 8, 2010

Hair and Makeup Trial

I had my official hair and makeup trial yesterday! It seems a little early to have it, but I wanted to try them out and hopefully book (which I did!) these two women before anyone else snatched them up! Sandra Baldini comes highly recommended on many of the Long Island wedding message board and websites I read, not only for being great, but because her price is so unbelievably reasonable. I called and emailed a LOT of people regarding makeup and she gave me absolutely the best price out of everyone. She actually is going to be on My Big Friggin Wedding tonight at 9:00 on VH1. Haha, I know, I know...she was not immensly proud to be making her reality debut on such a show, but she happened to be booked for one of the weddings that was being featured (this is Long Island after all...) and the episode she filmed will air tonight! I had no intentions of watching this show, buuuuut I'm going to make an exception for tonight. So, if you watch: my makeup artist is Sandra Baldini, and she does makeup for the couple Sandra and Joey who I believe are featured first in the episode.

On to the day: My parents were visiting for the weekend so they could be there for my trial, which I'm so grateful for. Dad was a trooper with all the girly stuff, but as my resident photographer he was there to capture it all for me, (he's where I get my innate need to document everything). We arrived at Sandra's gorgeous house at noon. She JUST got a studio set up in her basement, and told me I was the first person to use her new space, which was still a work in progress but perfectly functional for our purposes of the day. 

I really enjoyed Sandra! She was super fun, suuuch a character, talked me through everything she did, listened to every question and concern I had, and I feel so confident leaving my makeup in her hands.

And here's me with finished makeup...and a funny expression...
We decided the eye makeup was a bit darker than I wanted, so on the day of, she's going to use a lighter color to line my under-eye so it's not as dark. I think that will be much better.

When I called Sandra to ask about makeup, I asked her if there was a hair stylist that she normally works with. She said she often works with a woman named Terri Valente who's been doing weddings for years. Once my makeup was done, Terri started work on a few hairstyles. I showed her my inspiration board and she tried a ton of hairstyles low and to the side, like I had asked for.

Hairstyle #1:

Hairstyle #2:
Hairstyle #3:

 Hairstyle #4:
Hairstyle #5:

I wasn't entirely feeling any of these hairstyles. When we tried the veil on with them, it didn't really work. I think the main problem is that I simply don't have enough hair to get most of the looks I was envisioning. My hair is very thin so a big curly up-do, turned into a puny, curly up-do, and it looked so small. She suggested adding a hair piece, but I really don't want to do that. So, I asked if I could keep the height of the hairstyle in #5, and try a french twist in the middle of my head.

Hairstyle #6:
This, I loved!! Now, we were getting somewhere. I really liked how elegant it looked in the back and even how it looked in the front. This was timeless and classic. And once we added the veil, it fit beautifully!

Now, I also have been waiting to tell you all about my veil! I hadn't written about this because I didn't know if it was going to work with my chosen hairstyle. Around the beginning of September I was finishing up my piano lesson with my two Tuesday night students. I often talk to their mother for awhile after their lessons and they're a really great family.  So that night as we were talking, she asked me if I had already bought my veil for the wedding. I told her I had an idea of what I wanted, but I still  hadn't purchased it. She then pulled out of her closet a hand-cut Vera Wang veil from her wedding 10 years ago, still in mint condition...and said if I wanted it, it was mine. Let me repeat....if I wanted it, it was mine! I protested a few times, and of course offered to pay her for it,  but she told me that with her two sons, and no nieces, there was no one in the family that would ever take it. She insisted, and I walked out of there with a beautiful, and free, veil!!!

This veil is currently cathedral length, and the one that I liked at the bridal salon went to my fingertips. But, I can easily alter this veil to the length that I want and add a little trimming if I choose. However, it's a very plain, simple veil which I had wanted, and also the perfect off-white color to match my dress. I really don't think I will need to do anything to it other than alter the length!! I don't have a full picture of it, but here's what it looks like added to the hairstyle.

At that point, we had been there 3 hours and we were all getting a little restless. I liked this hairstyle and there was so much hairspray in my hair that I knew asking for a half up/half down style would just be rather difficult to do. So, I left there  feeling great, and booked these two women for the wedding. Now, I was all dressed up and nowhere to go!

When I got home, Chris said I looked like I was right out of Mad Men which, I'd say is pretty good! I looove that era (and show!) Chris loved how I looked, but he also said he loves my long hair down, too because that's usually how I wear it, and was curious if I had done any hairstyles with some of my hair down. This was a thought that had crossed my mind as well. I also thought about how my hair will be longer by May and therefore some of the styles might work very differently. If you've noticed, here's where my overanalyzing self begins to take over!!

All in all, at least I know that I like these two women, they are booked, and if I need to do another hair trial in May to make absolutely sure that I'm confident with my hairstyle, then so be it: I can decide that then. I do think ultimately, I'm going to stick with an up-do anyway.
But for now: Hair and makeup= Check!

We ordered in Chinese food for dinner with my Mom and Dad before they headed back to PA. Another successful weekend with the parents! Note: My arms are both out at the same height on either side, except my right arm is around my mom's shoulder and my left arm is around my dad's waist....FUNNY!

All pictures courtesy: DAD


Bicoastal Bride said...

You look beautiful, and I think it's so awesome that you're able to work with people who not only know what they're doing and gave you a great price, but who you feel very comfortable with. That is so important, especially on your wedding day. And that is incredible about the veil! What a generous things to do.

Kate V said...

AMAZING! I loved #6 hairstyle. In my humble useless opinion, I say HAIR UP, similar to #6. Also, I would suggest a slightly pinker lipgloss. Your skin looks amazing! And she did a great job on the eye makeup. FUN STUFF!

Mom said...

Well, you know I love the French Twist (which sounds like a dance from the 60's but is actually number 6 in your hairstyle review).Your hair and make up look so stunning and it proves what I said to you the moment your were born, "You're beautiful!"

Emily Silver said...

Hi from Mingle Monday! All of those hairstyles are gorgeous, but I like the last one the best. You look radiant! :)

Casey said...

Hi! Just visiting from Mingle Monday! Your hair and makeup look ah-MAZING! Best of luck with all the planning, seems like you've really got things under control! I'd be freaking out way more about everything, but you look so calm.

Check me out at

jacin said...

#6 is the best!! love them all though. smart moving trying more than 1 style!

Laura said...

That's awesome that you got to try all of those different styles! LOVE the final look - So bridal! :) You'll be a gorgeous bride.

Saying I do said...

Thank you so much for your sweet and encouraging comments ladies!!

Anne @thefitbridesmaid said...

Love the hair and veil combo! So classic.

Kristin said...

Love your hair!!! you are going to be one gorgeous bride. xoxo

Mom said...

I'm thinking about hairstyle #2 now. It's very romantic looking and might look neat with your dress which is also very romanic.

Elisse said...

I really like Hairstyle #6 - there's something so elegant and classic about the french twist. And if you have your veil off during the reception, you can show off the gorgeous finish of the french twist!