Thursday, November 4, 2010

Hair and Makeup

This weekend my parents are coming to New York again because I have my hair and makeup trial on Sunday!! I'm meeting with Sandra Baldini and Terri Valente (I thiiink that's how you spell her last name)  I'm pretty sure I know I want an up-do, and I tend to be leaning toward low and slightly to the side. I made an inspiration board at of some styles I like:

As far as makeup is concerned, the woman I'm meeting with does both airbrush and regular makeup. I just kind of assumed that airbrushing would look a little bit more....unnatural, I guess. But, I was talking to my friend Christina, of the famous Russian wedding recap part 1 and part 2, and she had her makeup airbrushed and I never would have guessed! She said it lasted the entire day, did not rub off on anything, and she highly recommends it. So, I guess if nothing else I'll try it for the trial and if I think it's too much or not needed, I can go with the regular makeup for the actual wedding day. Of course as any bride would say, I don't want to look overdone or not like me on my wedding day. I don't typically wear a ton of makeup, so if I have these ridiculously overdone eyes all of a sudden, I'm just going to look like a completely different person, and I really don't want that. I'm not too good at looking at makeup and saying "that's the look I want" so I had a considerably harder time choosing pictures for my makeup inspiration board:


Stayed tuned for photos from the trial next week!

Would you recommend airbrushed or regular makeup? What did you have done?


Mom said...

Can't wait for this weekend with you. It will be fun girl time.

jacin said...

can't wait to see how it all comes out! my trial came out EXACTLY as i had asked, but when it was done on me, i realized i don't look like carrie underwood so the hair didn't work on me either, haha.

you have a lot of great options though, so my biggest piece of advice is to MAKE SURE YOU TRY MORE THAN ONE STYLE! it may feel awkward asking the stylist to un-do what she just did and start fresh on something new, but you want to be 100% sure you love it, and not just be saying it to be nice to your stylist! i ran in to this issue and didn't have a hairstyle picked out until the day of the wedding, and that was stressful :)

glad you're getting it all taken care of now :)

Mom said...

Oh, btw, I wasn't airburushed when I got married but then such things weren't invented yet! Lol. But, the yungins' at work all recommend airbrushing for the very same reasons as the famous Russian bride, Christina!

Saying I do said...

Thank you for the advice Jacin, that's actually really helpful and so true because I always worry about the stylist's feelings and have to tell myself that if I need something redone....then I have to ask for it, and not worry.

Thanks for taking a coworker poll on the makeup mom!