Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Christina and Adrian Wedding Part 2- The Reception

After cocktail hour, we were led into the main dining room for the reception. Christina had placed pictures of her and Adrian growing up, as well as pictures of their parents all around the venue. This table was leading into the main dining room:

Keeping with the Season, the centerpiece where we picked up our place cards had apples hanging from it!
Our table centerpieces were so pretty! She alternated between low and high centerpieces on each of the tables.
Their beautiful sweetheart table with birdcage for envelopes:
Sweetheart table with Bridesmaid Bouquets. Courtesy K. Bufano
Their First Dance was so cute. They danced to Dean Martin "Ain't That a Kick in the Head"! It was actually an upbeat, old-fashioned song and I think it's pretty apparent that these two go dancing a lot! I can tell you one first dance will NOT be this graceful!!
Then there was some crazzzy dancing!

There was also lots of Russian singing. At one point, a large group of men walked onto the dance floor carrying a serving tray filled with two (very full) glasses of vodka. They approached Christina and Adrian who both proceeded to drink the entire thing, and put their glasses down upside down on the serving platter to show that they drank it all. Then, they went to each set of parents, plus grandparents!! Christina's 93 year old grandmother downed an entire glass of vodka...that's a trooper!

These two were the craziest dances! Watch THESE!!:

There were speeches, the father/daughter dance, the mother/son dance and of course, the cake cutting!
Courtesy K. Bufano
Courtesy K. Bufano
Courtesy K. Bufano
Of course, we made sure to have our fun too!!

Courtesy K. Bufano
Courtesy K. Bufano
Courtesy K. Bufano

It was all over way too fast, but it was well worth waking up for work the next day feeling like I had been run over by a truck!! A very belated "Congratulations" to Christina and Adrian, best of luck and love to you both as you begin to start your life in SAN DIEGO over the next few months!


Bicoastal Bride said...

We thought about using that same song for our first dance, but went with another old-time favorite, "Fly Me to the Moon." And those spinning dances are AWESOME! All in all, this looks like a fabulous wedding.

Mom said...

OMG! I vant to beh RRRRRussian (those were trilled r's!). But, if I were Russian my speech would always be slurred and my gait way off cuzz I can't drink like that and not end up with alcohol poisoning!And I'd loose my grip while hanging off some guy's neck while he spins me around,fly across the room,crash into a wall and break some important body part but I wouldn't care cuzz I wouldn't be feeling any pain! Yees, I vant to beh RRRRRussian!

kate v said...

Those pics cracked me up. Excellent recappage. I agree the 1st dance was adorable...who knew Adrian could dance AND "write love letters that could make Danielle Steel blush" ;)

Elanie said...

Your wedding decorations are exceptional!

k... said...

I want my guests to have half as much fun as this! Awesome dances! I love it!