Thursday, October 7, 2010


Two things came in the mail to me on Tuesday night:
I cannot wait to show you our save the dates, but for now, they will have to remain a secret until I figure out exactly how I'm going to address all these and get them out by next week. It seriously will be the BIGGEST load off my shoulders to just get these out. I love how they turned out, and I really hope that everyone likes them.

2. My bridesmaid dress for Mike and Kerry's wedding!! I ordered it last week from the J.Crew Bridal boutique in Manhattan and it came already! The boutique was so beautiful and so accommodating, I had a really great experience there. This is the dress I'll be wearing for their wedding:
I love the color and love the fit. Unfortunately I don't fill this dress out neaaaarly the way it's supposed to be filled out. The store didn't have this dress in my size when I was there to get fitted. So I tried on a size bigger than I thought I'd wear, which was big, but I deduced that one size smaller would probably be just right. But this dress was still kind of roomy (not that I'm complaining), and I will most definitely need the top part taken in so it doesn't fall down on me. I'm kind of wondering if I should have gone two sizes smaller...especially since I plan on losing weight over the next year. (Aren't we all though?) I think this will be fine. With my mom's handy sewing work, we can just take it in a few places and it'll be good to go!

I found this awesome website called,. I read about it here on This website takes the words you most commonly use from your blog and sorts them into images.

I had a good laugh with Ashley because no matter how many times I regenerated my "word jumble" the words "Ashley" and "Jeff" kept coming up front and center due to so many recent posts about them. Having just returned from her honeymoon, Ashley went on a major wedding blog purge from her google reader. I asked her if she deleted mine now that she's an old married woman ;) and got this response:
"I don't delete blogs that I am so clearly the STAR of. Word jumble doesn't lie."
And she's right. Word jumble doesn't lie. I even created one using my twitter account. Sure enough, there's not only Ashley and Jeff, but Christina, Kenny, Mandy, Billy, and little 'ol Ben down at the stem! But still no Chris and Laura!
Am I missing them?

Laura and Chris Laura and Chris Laura and Chris Laura and Chris Laura and Chris Laura and Chris Laura and Chris Laura and Chris Laura and Chris Laura and Chris Laura and Chris Laura and Chris Laura and Chris. Maybe this will help get our names into my next tagxedo project!

Anyway I think these are really cute, and you can create one even if you don't have a blog: Just type in a subject, news website you like, or a word search,  it's fun to play around with. This would have been a dream in High School...I can just see "Little Laura" now staying up late to create tons of these out of Broadway and music words and hanging them in her locker. My locker would have seriously rocked (I was cool I swear!):

Kyle: You know you're going to print this out and keep it at your desk...

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Mom said...

OMG!!! Are you kidding me? Tagxedo is a teacher's dream. I checked out their website briefly and I am wondering if I can make some of these as vocab searches for my students or posters for the classroom. I'll make a deal with you, LAURA--I'll work on your dress if you help me navigate their website. I just know that with the assistance of LAURA and even CHRIS I can make some really awesome, engaging activities. Thank you so much LAURA!

Oh and btw, LAURA, the dress for the OTHER wedding is very pretty. Lol!