Thursday, October 14, 2010

Crazy Weekend(s)

I have a confession: Last week...Chris and I went to see our band, Arcadia, perform a showcase just because we wanted to hear them again. It's like I said when we were choosing a band: How often do you get to go be entertained by a live band for free? It just doesn't happen. We love our band, we hadn't seen them since February and I wanted to be excited all over again for picking them.
I saw that they were doing a showcase at a venue near our house and we headed off to see them! I'm so glad we did because, it seriously got me even more excited than I thought. I think this showcase was so much better than the one I saw in February. Yes, part of it was certainly because I didn't have the added pressure of having to make a decision this time around. I was able to go, sit back, relax and enjoy without having to think so hard about it. But, I really do think this was better. They seemed to have much more fun and even took song requests from the audience doing a ton of songs right on the fly. I can't even begin to imagine having all those songs memorized. The one singer's performance of At Last, seriously blows my mind every time I hear it, and I was so happy she did it again. I just love them and can't wait to meet with them to discuss specific music selections!

This past weekend I was home in PA to help my mom find a dress for the wedding. We didn't find one but that's ok! We have a better idea of what she wants and will keep trucking along until we find one. Melissa and I had a great day at King of Prussia with her AND we saw Straight No Chaser that night. They are an awesome Male acapella group. Here's a clip from the concert we saw (THIS VIDEO WORKS NOW!):

I had a great breakfast date with Cassie on Sunday morning. It had been way too long since we caught up and it was really nice to touch base in person with her again. Sunday afternoon my dad and I went on a long bike ride (read about it here). That night, I cooked dinner for my family plus Grandma, and grocery shopped with Sister. Monday morning, I was up bright and early for another bike ride with Dad (he's a biking fiend!), drove back to New York, had lunch with Chris, made a few pit-stops for some wedding supplies I've started to purchase, unpacked, cleaned, then worked on our save-the-dates after dinner. (They're going out SO SOON!) It was a jam packed weekend but it was so much fun!

Cassie got measured on Saturday for her Bridesmaid dress while she was in town. She has to teach the youth of America this coming Saturday and sadly, could not meet with the rest of the bridesmaids for the fitting. Once the other girls get measured this weekend they'll all be ordered and hopefully ready to pick up soon! So, that means this Saturday I'm meeting up with these lovely bridesmaids below:
We have an 11:30 appointment at Bridal's By Sandra and then my mom made us reservations at a small bistro for lunch! I can't wait to spend some quality time with some of my favorite ladies!

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Mom said...

Geez, girl! I'm exhausted just reading this! And yet my weekend was almost as packed as yours. I loved spending Saturday with you and Melissa and loved seeing Straight No Chaser with both of you. Wedding plans sure are getting crazy exciting now. And more to come yet.