Monday, October 25, 2010

Christina and Adrian Wedding- Ceremony and Cocktail Hour

Courtesy K. Bufano
I am very upset it took me this long to post about Christina and Adrian's wedding. I had sooo many pictures and videos that I had to sort through first. Plus, I was so happy that my friend Kristin over at Dining Detour was with me at this wedding, because not only is she just as fanatical about taking pictures and capturing these events as I am, she has a pretty amazing camera as well. I never realized how much of a difference having a great camera can make, so therefore, about 90% of these pictures will be courtesy of K. Bufano! Thanks so much Kristin! I am going to recap this wedding in two separate entries, so here is part 1, and part 2 will posted tomorrow. 
Kristin, Kate and Me! Reunited and it feels so good....

This was a very traditional Russian Wedding, which I was so excited for and found incredibly interesting and equally awesome. The church was adorable, tucked back on a little road in Sea Cliff, Long Island. The inside was small, with no seats, an altar, and smelled like incense, (I love that smell).
Courtesy K. Bufano
Courtesy K. Bufano
Right before the ceremony, all the guests filed in and gathered on either side of the church, creating the aisle for both the bride and groom. I really teared up as soon as I saw Christina walk into the church. She was just so pretty, and so utterly excited....seeing her look at Adrian for the first time was really awesome.
 Courtesy K. Bufano
Courtesy K. Bufano
Courtesy K. Bufano
The ceremony involved "The Crowning" (below), drinking wine from a shared cup, Scripture Reading, "Procession around the wedding table", "Blessing", walking around the table three times, (which was harder than you'd think! Her maid of honor had to hold up her train, two groomsmen had to hold the crowns over them, they had to keep their hands under the priests stole, and the area to walk in was not that big) drinking wine from a cup, holding candles (some wax dripped on her dress!) lots of chanting, and 4-part harmony singing.
After the ceremony, the newlyweds lined up along the altar with their families while we all congratulated them and gave them our best. As we exited, we were handed little cups of rose petals to throw at them as they made their way out of the church.

But before they could leave, they had to pay the price to pass....a Kiss!!
Courtesy K. Bufano

After they took some pictures at the church, they were whisked away in their get-away car!

We had about 2 hours before the reception started. Luckily, Glen Cove Mansion had an awesome pub upstairs that was more like a lounge with couches and televisions which happened to have a bar. The guys were able to watch the football game and bond, and we all got drinks, some food, and also walked around the grounds a little bit and took some pictures!


At Cocktail hour, and through a lot of the reception, they had an awesome band playing traditional songs. I have NO ideaaa what these instruments are called, but it was definitely something I've never seen before!

There was an outside patio, and we were served amazing mimosas as we entered. Christina and Adrian joined in on the cocktail hour, and we got some great shots of them.
K. Bufano and Christina. Courtesy K. Bufano
TOMORROW: The Reception!
Courtesy K. Bufano


Bicoastal Bride said...

What a gorgeous wedding! I love everything about it, especially the bride's dress and the "kiss to pass" tradition!

Mom said...

So beautiful. Glad you put a more detailed entry of their wedding because it really was spectacular.

Kristin said...

Thanks for the shout out Laura - Christina and Adrian your wedding was something out of a fairy tale! Very happy to be a part of such a special day. Great post :)

Kate V said...

Wow good memory! I barely remembered 90 percent of the details. You're a natural blogger...either that or you didn't drink enough vodka.

Kristin may have outdid the wedding photograpger-those shots are AMAZING!!