Friday, October 8, 2010

Pennsylvania Weekend

Tonight I'm heading home to PA!! I am soooo excited because I literally haven't been home since July and I have been really homesick lately! I typically like to go to PA at least once a month, and this has been killing me, I need my Pennsylvania fix! I have a long weekend and plan on taking in as much Fall, country, PA relaxing as I can. However, there are things to be done, and because of some of the more "girly" plans I have, Chris is going to sit this visit out. On Saturday, Melissa and I are heading to King of Prussia mall with mom to help find her a dress for the wedding! After a day of shopping, we're grabbing dinner and then seeing Straight no Chaser in Reading that night! If you don't know who they are, check out their website, they're an awesome all male acapella group. I'm soooo excited to see them and I so hope we can find the perfect dress for mom!
We're goofy!
But the fun doesn't stop there. On Sunday, I'm having breakfast with bridesmaid Cassie (she's going to get measured for her dress on Saturday while she's in town), visiting my amazing grandmother, helping mom with the bridesmaid gifts she's been working on and finishing up our save-the-dates so they can mail by Tuesday! Throw in a visit to my new niece puppy, Lilly, whom I haven't met yet!

Some cuddling with Shadow because he's really not doing so hot right now and I miss him soooo much (he turns 15 in less than a month!)

Going for a run or two on my favorite trail, Coercing my parents into taking me grocery shopping at the greatest place on earth, Wegmans, ;) a lunch date with Chris on Monday when I come back (cause he has to work and I don't na-na), and I have a lot of things cut out for me over the next few days. PA HERE I COME!


Mom said...

If you actually fit all of this in during one weekend it will be a miracle. I would have to go back to work just to relax! Looking forward to spending some quality time with you. <3

Anonymous said...

I love your blog. I also love that your from Pennsylvania! I am too, I go to school in Ohio and get homesick at times. Hope that you had a wonderful visit in PA and happy wedding planning :)

LWoodsNY said...

Thanks for reading Bballgirl8789! I LOVE PA, and had such an amazing visit this past weekend. Where in PA are you from?