Friday, October 1, 2010

Happy 6 Year Anniversary to us!

Happy 6 YEARS Anniversary to my fiance! I can't believe we are getting married in 7 months, and I cannot wait to be your wife!! 
Circa 2005

circa 2005

Only 7 months left to quote this video every time I say "fiance! (click on "watch on youtube" it won't play here)


Anonymous said...

aww, you guys are so cute. love<3 ~christina

Mom said...

Aww...that video just makes ya wanna honeymoon in Australia and pet a dingo <3. Lol! Congratulations on your anniversary!

Dale Fournier said...

It is always great to see a couple so in love, makes my job wonderful.

Anonymous said...

Right after we got engaged, I quoted that Seinfeld ALL.THE.TIME! Now when I can't find Matt, I say "Have you seen my fiance?"


LWoodsNY said...

I quote it too! Such a good scene, gotta love Seinfeld! Thanks for commenting!