Thursday, September 30, 2010


I can now officially say that our limos are booked! After about 3 ridiculously long weeks of trying to get the contract correct, I finally sent off the signed and completed contract in the mail yesterday. Seriously: we were faxed a was illegible, I faxed a new, cleaner contract back....and never got a response. I called, he called, we played phone tag, we talked, he hand wrote and mailed a copy to me, I finally signed and mailed it back. Why oh why did that take so long??? However, I have to say that it ended up working out in our favor that nothing was signed right away.  After talking to my photographer last week, we ended up deciding not to go to the Clark Botanical Garden in between the church and the wedding for photos. It was way too rushed and had way too much potential for disaster. So, in taking that out we were able to knock the price down even more than originally decided upon so in retrospect, the fact that it took us 3 weeks to do this, kind of worked out for the better. Everything happens for a reason right?

We booked 3 cars with Royalty Limos. I'm fine with booking through Royalty, but I have to say I had a bit of a panicked moment three weeks ago when we went to meet with Camelot Limos and they were completely booked for our wedding day. As in...almost every single limo on their lot was already booked and all their antique cars were booked. For May 21, 2011!! Seriously?? I feel like I'm so on top of things and then there's 20 more brides out there more on top of things than me!! Camelot really comes highly recommended and it's clear that they certainly dominate the limo scene on Long Island. However, we had gotten a pretty fair quote already from Royalty Limo, and they are literally right next door to The Sandcastle, so I am perfectly fine to book with them. (Even though their website intro gives me a slight seizure. Check it out here.)

We booked a '29 Rolls Royce for me and Chris after the ceremony. I liked that this was black and white, and thought it looked different from most other antique cars I've seen. This will literally pick us up after the ceremony and drive us to The Sand Castle, but we'll include it in a few of our pictures. I have to say, there is a part of me that really wants to ride in the limo with all our friends after the ceremony. I mean...that's where the fun will be right? However, I know that this will literally be the only time that day that Chris and I will have just to ourselves. Right after we're married, we will have this 15 minute drive to toast with some champagne and allow ourselves to be in the moment, with just the two of us (and some random driver we've never met, haha), and I know that in the end, that will be a moment that I'll have to look back on and always remember. I have all night to party with my friends...but I'll never get that moment right after I'm married back, and I'm really excited for that.

We have a limo for our parents and other immediate family members. And a 14 passenger Lincoln Limo for our bridal party:
Unfortunately, we could not work logistics out to include all of our bridal party's significant others as I had hoped. There were too many factors to consider with that: What would they do while we take pictures? What would they do while we're getting ready at the house? Would the boyfriends/husbands/fiances of the girls be with the groomsmen or the bridesmaids as they're getting ready? What will they do? Etc. Etc., there were too many "what's?" and so we had to just put that idea to rest. Please know that we tried...

So because of booking the limos, I finally have an outline of the day. Here's how our day will work.
2:00 pm- Limo picks Chris, groomsmen, and his parents up at his parent's house  and takes them to the church.
2:30 pm- Limo swings back and picks up me, my bridesmaids, and parents at my house and takes us to church.
3:00 pm- Ceremony begins
4:30 pm- Leave church in limos after taking pictures and head to The Sand Castle
5:00 pm- Arrive at Sand Castle- take additional pictures
6:00 pm- Join Cocktail hour
I feel much better about this time-line without the botanical garden in it. I think there were some fantastic photo opportunities there, but it really isn't needed. Sand Castle has a great garden, and between there and the church, we will have plenty of places to take photos. Add one more thing done to the good old checklist.



Mom said...

You have very impressive organizational skills which I take no credit for! lol. Limos look really snazzy and very classy. Can't wait!

Mom said...

Wow! I see what you mean about Royalty's website causing a seizure! Whew!

LWoodsNY said...

LOL I know! Isn't it awful??