Thursday, September 9, 2010

Congratulations Christina and Kenny!!

Image: Ron Soliman Photojournalism
This past Sunday, September 5th, 2010 Chris and I attended the beautiful wedding of our dear friends Christina and Kenny. We checked into our hotel room early at around 2:00, quickly freshened up, and headed out to the church with 4 friends crammed into the back seat! Unfortunately, we were met with a little trouble heading to the church, which almost resulted in a panic attack. Being the smart thinker that I am, I made sure to grab the invitation with the address before we left the house that afternoon. However, I had failed to realize until we were in the car that the invitation was not actually IN the envelope. With 2 phone GPS', a car GPS, and a few panicked phone calls to my friend Abby, we arrived at the church with 5 minutes to spare! That's called teamwork. Of course, tons of people were just arriving as we did and nobody seemed too worried that they were late, so we were more than fine. We sat down, settled in, the ceremony started, and the gorgeous bride made her way down the aisle.
Image: Ron Soliman Photojournalism
Like Chris and me, Christina and Kenny did a Catholic Ceremony, not a full mass. This was the second Catholic wedding service that I've been to, and I'm glad because it helps me have a better understanding of what to expect for my ceremony. She also had her two friends perform songs during it which were gorgeous. Their friend Emily sang "One Hand, One Heart" from West Side Story. Her friend Elizabeth sang "I Will Be Here" by Steven Curtis Chapman, which I had never heard before and loved!

After the ceremony, we greeted the family in the receiving line and were handed a small vile of bubbles as we exited the church. As Christina and Kenny walked out, we all blew bubbles and I have to say the pictures are stunnnnnning:
Image: Ron Soliman Photojournalism
After the ceremony, we went back to the hotel where shuttle buses were waiting to pick us up and take us to the reception at Ramsy Golf and Country Club. We arrived for cocktail hour at around 6:00 and immediately dug in to food and drink!
Plaque says: "Our wedding was many years ago, the celebration continues to this day"
In case you were wondering: my drink of the night was a gin and tonic, because that's what Betty Draper drinks..and I love Mad Men. Plus, two other friends were drinking those so I figured, why not switch it up a bit?
Out on the patio for cocktail hour
After cocktail hour, we were led into the reception area, which was set up beautifully with the cake, gift table, a TV screen to view pictures form earlier that day and a sweetheart table. The bridesmaid's bouquets always get tossed aside by reception time, which is why I loved this idea of putting them on their sweetheart table. "Loved it, stealing it, deal with it." This needs to be my new new phrase as I go to all these weddings and get fabulous ideas.
"Loved it, stealing it, deal with it."

Christina's family makes their own wine, so each guest received a bottle of special homemade wine made "with love" by the couple.

 Christina and Kenny's first dance was Then by Brad Paisley:

She then danced to "I loved her first" by Heartland with her dad.
The night proceeded as Kenny danced with his mom. Followed by heartfelt speeches from Christina's dad, the Best man, the Maid of Honor and their friend, Emily (who was the matchmaker here having introduced them a few years ago). Then, we ate dinner and thennnn it was  TIME TO DANCE
Haha! I have goofy friends ;)

 Even getting her groove on she's stunning!
With the Bride!!
And with the groom!
Kenny is a fireman (sexy!) so they cut the cake with a fireman's axe which was just perfect and adorable:
Shuttle buses took us back to the hotel where we continued hanging out at the hotel pub and outside patio until about 2am. I am so happy for Kenny and Christina who are now basking in the newlywed glow and sun of St. Lucia. (Jealllllloooouuuusss), while we are all back at work. Of course, I couldn't let this wedding go by without a slideshow of the day's events. The speech parts are a little soft, so make sure your volume is up. This should really be titled "Laura's experience at Kenny and Christina's Wedding" because it's mostly just my pictures from the day, but I do what I can... Enjoy!


Kate V said...

Cute! Looks like it was a fun wedding. Way to steal other's ideas lol.

Mom said...

See what happens when my internet goes down? Kate V gets to be first!

What a stunning bride and she even got to dance with Steve Martin! How lucky is that? Steal all of her ideas-the whole wedding was just perfect!