Thursday, September 23, 2010

Long Island Bridal Extravaganza

On Monday night, I went to the Long Island Bridal Extravaganza with Kerry. It was so. much. fun!! Kerry picked me up at the Huntington station on the LIRR after work and after picking up "dinner" at 7/11 (protein bar and grapes), we drove to the Hilton Long Island.

We walked in, registered, got our blinking light Bridal Extravaganza necklace, and a tote-bag for putting all our stuff in, and made our way over to the vendor booths. We were hardly in the expo when we were stopped by Stefan, who works at Elsa jewelry. We were cornered stopped by Stefan to talk about the individually molded wedding bands they make for their couples, how they make the bands, what band would look good with my ring, what band would look good with Kerry's band, how they work with the grooms, how they mold the rings, etc. etc.... Just when I thought we could escape, he asked if he could draw sketches of our rings on our contact information sheets. Oy...really Stefan? Really? Well, before we knew it, he was sketching our rings.
I expected this really nice sketched portrait of my ring, but instead it looked like a two year old drawing of a ring. I guess he needed it to remember our rings when he speaks to us again. Sigh, he was annoying and cute all at the same time. 
Notice the artist at work...
As we headed on, I actually met up with a lot of people I've already met along the way in my planning. I talked to Allen at Deja Vu studios which was great because I had been meaning to call him! I had to ask him about the time line of our wedding day. I knew in the back of my mind that it was rushed...but I just kept telling myself "no, it'll be fine". But, I needed to hear from someone else that my concerns were valid. Well, Allen did just that. As a result, we've had to revamp some plans for the day which I'll go into later next week.

I also ran into Joe from Camelot limos. We had met with him two weeks ago, but ended up going with another limo company (again, more on that later).  However, Joe has been extremely helpful to us in our limo search and I'm so sad that we weren't able to work with him, he's a great guy. Finally, I met the makeup artist, Stacy, that I had been emailing for the past week to try and set up a makeup trial. It was nice to put a face to the name, get to know her, and talk to her about setting up the trial.

As we made our way over to the band and dj showcase, we sampled some awesome chocolate truffles that were there as possible wedding favor options.

We didn't stay very long for the band showcase because it was getting late, I have my band picked, and she pretty much knows which dj she's going to use. All in all it was a successful night, full of girly wedding fun with good company and I'm so glad Kerry and I went!!


Mom said...

Love the new format of your blog. Also, I don't doubt that the truffles were good but really? How could they possibly be better than the ones I make from Brooke's recipe?

You and Kerry really look like sisters. Even your outfits coordinate.

Anonymous said...

We planned it. However, I don't think they thought we were sisters...

Who needs grooms anyway?