Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Scarf Swap!

I recently participated in a scarf swap arranged by the blogs Hello Miss Chelsea and Our Journey from Iraq to the Altar.

I was paired with Melissa who blogs at The Best is Yet to Come. She just so happens to be getting married a few weeks before me on April 30th in Atlanta, Georgia! It's great to meet another fellow Spring 2011 bride and I can't wait to follow her blog as she counts down to the big day.

Melissa sent me a scarf with my wedding colors!! I love it and can't wait to sport this around all Fall and even next Spring!
I was in the process of switching out my summer clothes with winter clothes..so forgive the mess of a room that is behind me!

Thanks so much Melissa! And don't forget to follow her at The Best is Yet to Come...Thoughts From a Dramatic Yet Sane City Girl turned Wife!

Updates from the past weekend and my big plans for this coming weekend coming up!


Kate V said...

Adorable!! That is a really nice scarf and a great idea. That's great you have such a fun community of brides that you can share this special moment slash let your non-bride friends off the hook hearing about the many, many, wedding details HAHAHHAAHHA.

PS - Clean your room.

Mom said...

I googled "Saying I Do" and you came right up. Isn't that cool? I remember when I couldn't find your blog at all.

Very pretty scarf and I second Kate on the room clean up. Lol!

Laura said...

Ooh, CUTE! I love that it's in your wedding colors!

LWoodsNY said...

Room cleaned= Check Not to worry!

I love that they're in my wedding colors, too! I tried so hard to find one in Melissa's wedding colors, but had to settle on a Fall colors scarf instead, I hope she likes it!

Bicoastal Bride said...

Super cute scarf, and thanks for your comment on my blog about the puzzles! Your guests will definitely love the one your friend is creating. I'm looking forward to follwing your blog! :)