Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Dining Detour Guest Post

Hey guys...busy day at work today!! For the 2nd time, I am a guest blogger over at Dining Detour where I share my absolute FAVORITE fall cookie: Pumpkin chocolate chip cookies!!  Check it out!

Also: Is this not one of the cutest engagement shoots you've EVER SEEN?? I found this over at The Wedding Chicks.


Mom said...

OMG! That video is adorable and of course I loved that it was all in the kitchen!I even noticed it was a bag of King Arthur flour they were using. I would love to throw flour but only if I'm in someone else's kitchen.

Jessica said...

So I must say I have to go try out that recipe. My parents have the sifter, so when I go home this weekend that will be perfect! And I love that video-- the dog is adorable!