Thursday, December 2, 2010

Happy Holidays!

Hellllo Folks! I'm back!! Sorry for that more than a week long hiatus and I don't really have an explanation. I'm not in a wedding planning slump, but I did really need this week to get back to some hardcore research (mainly on flowers and invitations) and was devoting most of my time to looking into that and making some phone calls, rather than working on posts. Add that to all the extra stuff to think about now that the Holidays are here and it's hard not to get caught up in a ton of things all at once!

I had the most relaxing weekend at home in Pennsylvania for Thanksgiving. Chris and I did Thanksgiving separately with our families (we aren't figuring out how to split up holidays until we're married) but he then joined us on Friday evening for the weekend. We helped my parents decorate for Christmas Friday night while we watched A Christmas Story.

And I made a Christmas wreath! I made this from all things I found in my mom's sewing room. My mom has an endless amount of sewing materials in our basement and trust me when I say, I'm not exaggerating. She has boxes and boxes and closets and shelves and drawers just filled to the brim with stuff. I snooped around and made this from materials I collected. First, I wrapped and glued some candy cane fabric around a styrofoam ring I got at A.C. Moore. Then I glued the green ribbon around it, tied the silver ribbon into a bow and attached that. Lastly, I made the green flower at the top with some fabric and sturdy string I found. I'll explain how I made that at a later date, but it was really easy and I made a ton of them this weekend. This was very fun to make and I really want to put it on our door, but we don't have anything to hang it up with! So, right now it's just on a random hook in our bedroom. I also painted a wooden box that says "JOY" on it, but I'm finishing that up this weekend, and I'll post about it next week.

And finally, to get me even more in the Christmas Spirit, I participated in 2 Blogger ornament swaps this year! The first one was with the lovely Elisse at She sent me these gorgeous angel ornaments as well as two cookie cutters to start my cookie cutter collection! Chris and I are planning to get our tree this weekend and I can't wait to decorate with these beautiful ornaments. I'm also definitely going to be making and decorating sugar cookies this season and I can't wait to use my new cookie cutters. Thanks so much Elisse, and be sure to check out her blog at

Finally, for a wedding update: I have TWO appointments on Saturday with florists on Long Island, and should hopefully have flowers decided and booked by the end of next week. Once it's all set, I will update you on why this part has been a bit stressful for me.


Mom said...

Oooowww-my pet peeve It's not "string" it's thread. Ah-I feel better now. Lol. Also, found Aunt Margret's cookie recipe so I will send that to you. I'll be expecting cut out cookies from you! Lastly, may I comment on my sewing studio? It truly is a vision of creative insanity but you have to admit it's such fun when you're feeling inspired to find an endless array of..well...everything! Nice wreath!

Elisse said...

Hey Laura!

I'm so happy you like the ornaments and the cookie cutters! I enjoy baking myself, and was crossing my fingers that you would too! Glad the angel and snowflake have found a good home in your kitchen!

And thanks again for my ornaments!