Monday, December 20, 2010

Congratulations Molly and Mark!

My dear friend, former roommate, and bridesmaid, Molly, got engaged on Saturday to her boyfriend...excuse me, fiancé Mark!! (Molly: Still sounds surreal, right?!)

Mark romantically proposed while they were on a walk at a nature preserve near Molly's house in Pennsylvania. After taking a picture of her near a very meaningful tree (it had been planted after her Nana's passing a few years ago), he got one on knee to take another picture "at a different angle". However, once the camera went down, Molly quickly started to realize what was happening. Molly asked him if he was serious, and was this really happening?? (Which was my same reaction when Chris proposed to me, haha!) But she of course happily said "YES" once it all sunk in!

Here's the happy girl right after he cute and happy is she?!?!
After the proposal, they went back to Molly's parent's house where not only was her family waiting for them, but also Mark's family who had driven in from Staten Island to celebrate the occasion! Oh, and in case you're wondering (I know you all are) the ring is seriously gorgeous. Kudos to you Mark, on a fantastic proposal, ring, and not to mention...choice of your future wife!

Congratulations you two! I'm soooo happy and excited to be a part of the wedding, which sounds like it might be happening THIS coming summer!! The 2011 weddings are just piling up (4 now!) and I could NOT be more excited!


Molly said...

Laura, you are so sweet!! Thank you so much for this post, it just makes me that much more excited and it makes the whole thing start to feel even more real :) I know you're going to have so much wonderful advice for me during this whole wedding planning adventure, whether the wedding happens this summer or next. Love you!

Rachel said...

How precious is this! I love that you love your friends so very much :) My best friend is getting married in April and I'm counting down! Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Aww, congratulations Molly and Mark

Mom said...

OOOPS! That last comment was from me.

Elisse said...

I love hearing newly-engaged stories :D Congrats to Molly and Mark!!!