Thursday, December 9, 2010


First of all, I want to thank everyone for their words of encouragement after my last post. Hearing from other brides who either successfully went through the same thing (Jacin @ She Said Yes, Heather @ Bicoastal Bride) or who are going through the same thing (Anne, Winkingannie, & Lexi) has been both inspirational and encouraging. Anne, who shares the same wedding day as me, actually signed back up for Weight Watchers after reading my goals!! Even friends from high school messaged me on facebook sharing their weight watchers secrets and it seriously has been very encouraging...thank you all for being a fabulous support group!

Unfortunately, I do not have much wedding planning news for you right now. My life has been overtaken by the holidays, this cold I'm fighting, and work. However, we HAVE picked a florist. I just can't write about it because I still have to leave our deposit and get the contract. I have a thing against posting about a decision until I have the contract signed and in hand, so that will have to wait for tomorrow or Monday.

As far as my dieting and exercising plan:
I've had a good week of eating and working out so far. Monday I ran 3.2 miles (or a 5K) in 30 minutes, then did 1/2 an hour of free weights working both my arms and legs. My small group trainer, Jeff, stopped over as I was working out and offered me twice a week sessions for the next 4 weeks at no extra cost! He said that he's been getting a lot more clients as others are seeing him do these sessions so he wants to make sure he has someone each morning to generate more of a buzz. I don't mind being used to help him out, especially if it helps me out, too! I'll have twice a week sessions to get me through the holiday season, which is exactly what I need right now. I also walked 2 miles on the treadmill over my lunch break on Monday.

I had a total body conditioning session on Tuesday and again today. My arms are really feeling it! I didn't work out on Wednesday...which I am bummed about, but I'm really trying to fight off the cold that Chris has apparently given me, so I do think I should be taking it easy right now. Just doing any cardio this morning was extra difficult with my nose running and constant coughing! On Tuesday I ran a mile after my session and today I walked a mile after my session.

As far as my Weight Watchers points: I fell off the wagon a little bit on Sunday and didn't keep track of my points but I was good Friday, Saturday, and easily got back on track Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Many people may have heard that Weight Watchers recently revamped their entire point system. Now, fruits and veggies are mostly all zero points, but everything else has gone up in points a little bit...including, total points per day! The reasoning behind this is that things like a hundred calorie pack and an apple were both 1 point each, but obviously, it's much healthier to eat the apple. This takes many other factors into account, and is trying to keep its members eating whole, natural foods instead of processed. This is certainly an idea I can get behind! However, because I'm keeping track of points on my own and haven't officially signed up for weight watchers, I'm keeping with the old system. Most resources online still have the old point values and that's all I have to go by for now. Over time as I get a better grasp on the new system, and hear/see positive results from weight watcher users using the new system, I'll switch over to that.
Source: Courtesy of Dining Detour

I made the dough for two different kinds of Holiday cookies last night and am baking them either tonight or tomorrow. This is for a holiday party I'm going to on Saturday and I'm just praying I don't eat too many as I'm baking them. I mean, I have to test them out right??


jennybusybee said...

That's so great that you will be able to work with that trainer more! I definitely feel like having someone pushing you and encouraging you is always a great help!

And great time on your 5K! I was training to run a half-marathon awhile ago, but have injured my knee, so I haven't run since August and its KILLING me! But its making me very creative in finding free exercise around the city and outdoors that I can do!

Glad to hear you're sticking to your plan so far!

jacin said...

the holidays are SO hard!! but you're doing awesome and we will all be here to push you along the way :)

Bicoastal Bride said...

I hope you feel better soon! Being sick is the fastest way to get off track, at least for me. The holidays are another. :) I'm going to try working out tonight, but with my exhaustion from the transition process at work, this has not been an easy week for me.

Dancy said...

Good for you!! And how awesome is it that you're getting FREE training sessions? I loved my training sessions, I never skipped or slacked because I felt I was wasting his time, like he was doing me a favor. Ahh, guilt - thanks for the boost. LOL

I've gained about 15lbs since my wedding. I held back so much over the holidays last year I promised myself I wouldn't do it this year.
I've been planning on joing WW again after the holidays & of course they change it all around. LOL Gimme a couple more weeks and I'll be right there with you!! :)

Mom said...

"As of July 1, 2009, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, the population of the City of New York was 8,391,881, an increase of 383,600 persons or 4.8 percent since April 2000." Source

So, in a city with a population of over 8 million people you know it was Chris who single handedly infected you? Lol. Hope you're feeling better soon and you can always mail those cookies to me. Just doing my part to help you out. :)

Anne @thefitbridesmaid said...

WOO HOO!! Especially woo hoo for free training sessions!