Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Martha Stewart Show

Yesterday, Mandy and I went to a taping of The Martha Stewart Show! We arrived at Chelsea Television Studios at 8:30am in the brisk, BRISK cold. I didn't take a picture of the outside, so here's a pic I stole from the internet:
Luckily, we didn't have to wait outside too long. They ushered us in where we were able to check our coats, fill out some paperwork, grab a bottle of water, take a bathroom break, and chill out before we needed to go to the set for the 10am live show. I was a doofus and forgot my camera, so blackberry pictures it is!
Mandy with her ticket!
 Before we headed up to the set this guy, Joe, warmed the audience up. He made us laugh, and got us pumped for the show to start.
Waaayy too much energy for 9 in the morning!
We were then lead upstairs to the set, which was BEAUTIFULLY decorated, and very Christmas-y! We were each handed a carnation boutonniere because they were doing a segment on carnation flower arrangements. I gave them my name and we were taken to the very first row literally ON the set!! 3 of the 6 segments were filmed directly in front of us! This was my view when I sat down.
This isn't zoomed!

To the right- I kind of want to make those pomanders in
green or purple for my wedding!
To the left:
 Martha was wearing a very pretty, sparkly top. The show started and right off the bat she told us that the whole audience was going home with an Everlon Bracelet from Macy's!
Wahoo!! I can't wait to wear this! The episode was called "Project Decorate" and was all about crafts and decorating. They made some really cute things!

Traditional and Modern Decorating with Kevin Sharkey and Rebecca Robertson
Customized Picture Frame
Handmade Decorative Tray
Carnation Arrangements
Embossed-Velvet Stocking

During one of the commercial breaks I got Jessica Seinfeld's new cookbook called Double Delicious, which has some FABULOUS healthy recipes in it that I'm definitely going to be trying out. I got this for being an enthused audience member. Chris laughed when I told him and said "Of course you did...why am I not surprised?"
If there was ever a moment where I said "Oh geez..I've become my mother, it was yesterday as I was waving my hands wildly and screaming at the top of my lungs to try and "win" a book from Joe the audience guy. I was suddenly reminded of our family trip to Disney World when my mom, all 4 foot 11 inches of her, did the same thing to get noticed in an audience of hundreds, and was picked to be part of the Indiana Jones stunt show at the MGM Park. I was obviously "sooooooo embarassed, moooommmmm", but deep down was secretly jealous that she got to be part of the show and thought it was cool! Sorry..random story. Bottom line: I'm becoming my mother!

After the Show, Martha took some pictures
Then took some questions from the audience:
The only drawback to our fabulous seats was that we were among the cameras and teleprompters, so the cameras didn't pan over us at all and I definitely wasn't seen on TV :(. So much for my big debut, Haha. I hadn't been to a show taping since my freshman year of college when we went to see The Morning Show with Mike and Juliet (Yea, I had never heard of it didn't last very long)

It was such a fun morning and I'm so glad that both of us were able to go! I've always been a Martha Stewart fan, but I think I'm actually even more of a fan now. She seemed and down-to-earth. Mandy has some more pictures of the two of us at our seats, but I have to wait patiently to get them from her. I'll post those next week.

Workouts this week: 
Today: Did abs and legs after a 3 mile intense interval run. Warmed up for one mile at 6-6.3 mph. Then for the next 20 minutes (or two miles), I alternated between running 8-8.5mph for one minute and walking at 3.8-4.1 for 1 to 1 1/2 minutes. I know interval training is the best way to burn fat fast so I'm trying to really focus on interval running right now while I'm at the gym. I did the same 3 mile run on Tuesday as well, which rounds me out with 9 miles this week, mixed with weights, abs, and legs.

Total Miles Run for 2010: 660


Mom said...

Ha! Isn't it fitting that my comment is first as you are laughing but petrified at the prospect of becoming your mother! HAHA!!! Well, at least I'm a NICE mom!

Wow what fun you had yesterday. Perfect show for you to attend, too. Just a suggestion...wrap up the cookbook and give it to your mother for Christmas! Lol.

Kate V said...

You're LUCKY if you are becoming your Mom!

(I had a similar moment last week when I found myself ENRAGED about toothpaste left in the sink. How dare someone even attempt USE the sink like its for running water or something)

This was a fun post. I enjoyed the new little workout feature at the bottom. Let me know how the interval training goes.

jacin said...


no, seriously. this is amazing!!!! so lucky you got to go!!!

Mom said...

Aw, Kate V, thanks, that was so nice of you to say.

Elisse said...

Eeek! I can't believe you were there! Great photos from your awesome seats!!!