Thursday, December 30, 2010

Top 10 of '10!

I don't wanna brag...or draw attention to myself...or gloat...buuuuttt...

My birthday tends to get lost in the shuffle between Christmas and New Years, which is why I'm feeling ok with this shameless birthday endorsement. Plus, this time last year I was busy packing up my entire life in Astoria, Queens, moving to Chris' house to UN-pack it, and spent the week sleeping on an air mattress in my bare apartment watching Chelsea Lately until far to early in the morning. My life was quite hectic at that time, so my birthday sadly came and went before I even knew it.

But now, here I am...26 years young, and 2011 has finally arrived! Usually I enter a new year/age with wonderment and anticipation of what the upcoming year has in store for me. But this year, I'm entering into it with a pretty clear-cut view of what I'll remember most about 2011. Obviously, life throws you a wrench every once in awhile, and I'm sure this year will throw me lots of curve-balls. But THIS is the year we've been waiting for. THIS is the year that back in 2009 seemed like so far away. When I think about the fact that our wedding is less than 5 months away I initially think "Holy cow! There is lots to do, a very short amount of time to do it, and that makes me anxious." But mostly, my general feeling is "Ok, I'm ready for this to happen now." I've loved the planning so far, but I'm now at the point that I'm ready to settle into a comfortable married life and not constantly feel like I should be planning, researching, booking, etc.

My friends and I used to get together over winter breaks throughout college and make a list of the top ten things we loved about our past year, and the top 10 things we hated about our past year. Then we'd go around and share our lists with each other. It actually was awesome, and we'd sit there for hours just talking, reflecting, and sharing. So I invite you to join in this year and do the same thing! Only, let's focus on the good stuff!

Top 10 of '10
1. All the weddings! Chris and I watched so many of our closest friends get married this year. Starting with Mandy and Billy in May where we had an amazing weekend in Philadelphia. We both had so much fun being a part of their wedding. Then in the Fall, we celebrated with Christina and Kenny in New Jersey, and then Ashley and Jeff's wedding near Philadelphia. Finally, we rounded it out in October with Christina and Adrian's wedding on Long Island.

2. Diva Half Marathon on Long Island with Mandy and Kate. I am so proud of Mandy and Kate who both did awesome in their very first half marathon. I got an ever better time than I was expecting, and I really hope this race can become a tradition! In addition, I ran a total of 662 miles for 2010!!

3. I Got a new job!!! (Extra points for liking it!) Without elaborating too much, it's amazing how much your work can affect your entire life. After all, it's where you spend 40 hours of your week. I was pretty miserable last year at my old job, and unfortunately that unhappiness manifested itself into many aspects of my life.  Now, really settling into my new job as a personal assistant, I can feel how much calmer and happier I am this year, and I'm very grateful for that.

4. Cape Cod and 3rd Annual Ski trip weekends: These were both short weekend trips but it was with 4 people we love very much and have a really great time with. Chris and I didn't take a vacation this year, so these little weekend trips were priceless to us.

5. TWO engagement parties! (Party 1, Party 2). Both sets of parents did STELLAR jobs putting together engagement parties for us. These parties got us super excited and charged for our wedding, and it was just another reminder of what fabulous families and friends we have.

6. I moved in with Chris and we're still in love! Haha, I never honestly thought that this would be a make-it or break-it situation, but I had heard a lot of stories about couples who move in together and have a hard time adjusting. I think we were just so excited to finally live together after 2 years of living apart after college, that we were able to settle into living together pretty quickly and easily.

7. I went to my first Rodeo ever with Sister! This is random I know, but I had so much fun going to a rodeo with Melissa and her friend Karen in Pennsylvania. It was QUITE the country experience, but I'm surprised that I had never been to one before. I definitely want to take Chris to one at some point this summer!

8. Bachelorette parties and Bridal Showers, oh my! Lots of fun..but what happens in Atlantic city, stays in Atlantic City.  ;)

9. Kerry asked me to be in her wedding! I love this girl and I love this couple: 'nough said!
And a last minute addition: Recently engaged Molly asked me to be in her wedding summer 2012!

10. I got my Web-Design Certification! Ok, so I'm certified in Web-Design and I have yet to create a full web-site on my own. I'm on information overload, and have a LOT to sort out and learn. BUT, at least I have the basic tools I need to go out and experiment with how to create a web-site. In general, the things I learned in my class were extremely beneficial in making me a better blogger, and understanding how the whole blogosphere works. I have a LOT more to learn, but the good news is...that excites me!

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Elisse said...

Happy happy birthday! Looks like you've had an amazing year in 2010, and it can only get better from here on out!

All the best for 2011, Laura! I hope you continue to be filled with our Lord's blessings as you prepare for your special day and start your new life as husband and wife!

Lauren said...

Happy Birthday & looks like you had a great 2010! Hopefully 2011 is even better!!!!

Bicoastal Bride said...

Happy birthday, lady! :) The way you feel looking ahead to 2011 is the way I felt last year while getting ready for my wedding. And I totally hear you about the job situation. Liking your job is so important, and I am also so happy to now have left my old job, even though it was hard giving up something I was so used to. Here's to a great 2011!

jacin {lovely little details} said...

what a great year :)

Karissa Jade Ferguson said...

Yay! Happy Birthday :)

Anne @thefitbridesmaid said...

Happy Birthday! You're review of 2010 sounds like mine: IT WAS GREAT! AND 2011 WILL BE EVEN BETTER! I can't believe we are less than five months until wedding!

Mom said...

Boy, I'm late with commenting this week.I'm all thrown off with the holidays.Well, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!Yes, you were the best tax dedcution we ever had and the best anniversary gift grandma and grandpa ever had!

Kerry said...

I made your top ten?! You are too kind. 2011 is our big year, girl. Looking forward to making more great memories with you :)