Monday, August 10, 2009

Newly Engaged!

In an effort to keep track of all things "wedding" for the next year and a half, I am creating this blog for both my personal reference and for family and friends. I am very excited to be getting married and don't want to forget a single moment of this really amazing time in my life. I also want to share my experience with all my family and friends as I go through the next year and a half leading up to my wedding. There will be good moments, there will be bad moments, but in the end it will all be for the day that Chris and I start our life together as husband and wife.

We are both basking in the newly engaged moment right now and don't plan to really delve into wedding planning until September. However, yesterday we did sit down and hash out a rough guest list. I've looked at reception places online, but I get so overwhelmed, I only just end up sending myself websites of places to check out. I like a lot of them, how do you decide which 6 or so to narrow it down to and look at?!

So that's all...I'm also trying to register onto every wedding website there is!,, etc. etc. I'm a little internet happy...must be love!

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Mom said...

Aww...your first post. I had no way of commmenting when you actually posted this but now I can so I am!