Friday, July 9, 2010

Hotel Booked!

Guess what?? MY wedding dress came in!!! I can't believe it..but it's waiting for me at the bridal salon in Pennsylvania! I'm going to go try it on when I'm home at the end of July...but I'm not sure if I'm quite ready for the alterations process...thhaaaat kind of scares me a little bit right now. So I'll probably wait a few months for that.

Now that I'm onto the more boring aspects of our wedding (hotel, transportation, etc.) it's been a little hard to get overly excited and motivated. Chris and I looked at 4 hotels over the past two weeks to see where we wanted to block off rooms. I know it seems silly to put so much time and thought into a hotel, but it was actually very important for us. We want our guests, and of course us, to be comfortable; we want it to be nice; we don't want it to be overpriced; and hopefully we can be with all our friends there after the wedding and the next morning.

So, after looking at 4 hotels, we finally blocked off rooms at the La Quinta Inns and Suites in Garden City, NY for us and our of town friends and family.
Front exterior
Bar Area- Possible after-party??

I'm very happy with decision and glad that I can stop thinking about the hotel part. In addition, though we haven't actually been able to visit this place yet,  I'm pretty sure we have decided to get our pictures taken after the ceremony at the Clark Botanical Garden in Roslyn Heights. Pray it doesn't rain! We got there just as they were closing on Monday, so we could only peek in. I haven't called to book it because the phone number on their website wasn't work (arrrrg) but I plan on getting a permit soon with them. Look at how pretty it is!

I hope you all have great weekends!! Chris and I are off to Cape Cod with Ben, Kyle, Ashley, and Jeff!! Should be a great weekend full of sun, swimming, food, drinks and undoubtedly lots of wedding talk! (I bet the boys are SO excited.)


Kate V said...

Looks lovely! The pics are going to be so amazing at the Botanical Garden!!

Mom said...

Looks like the Garden of Eden. Not that I was ever there and got kicked out or anything (haha)! But it is absolutely beautiful. Great choice for your photos.

LWoodsNY said...

Thanks Kate and MOM! You are meeting soon!!

jacin said...

the la quints is nice, i've stayed there before for a wedding too!! thanks for the post on my blog - i see you're training for a half - i'm actually training for the NY marathon in november too - good luck!! you have yourself a new follower :)

LWoodsNY said...

Thanks Jacin! That is soo impressive you're training for the NY Marathon, I don't know if I have a full one in me! Glad to hear you enjoyed your stay at La Quinta too, welcome aboard!