Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Mike and Kerry's Engagement Party

Our friends Mike and Kerry, who are getting married next September, 2011 had their engagement party this past Saturday. Mike is one of Chris's oldest friends, and Chris will be a groomsmen in this wedding. It was sooooo hot outside on Saturday, but thank goodness Mike's parents have a new in-ground pool!! We hung out in the pool, drank beers, and tried to stay as cool as possible throughout the day. We arrived at around 3:30pm and didn't leave until 11 hours later at 2:30am after a monsoon came out of nowhere! Chris and I had a ton of fun and, of course, being treated to amazing food all day long didn't hurt either!

Mike and Kerry with their families
Kerry's friends put together a great "How well do you know Mike and Kerry" game that was of course turned into a "How well do you know Mike and Kerry drinking game." It was a great way to get all their friends involved in celebrating their relationship. I was happy that I knew a fair amount of the answers but also learned a lot of things I didn't know about them too!
The "kids" after our game:
Congratulations Mike and Kerry!!


Kate V said...

Mike + Kerry drinking game sounds like fun for the whole family. I want to play and I don't even know them!!!

Mom said...

You're talking about drinking lemonade with the whole family, right, Kate V?

Their party sounds like it was a great time. Congrats to the couple. They are such nice people.

Kate V said...

Yes, lemonade! Of course. ;)