Monday, July 19, 2010

Well, even though I didn't post at all last week, I actually spent a LOT of time working on some site maintenance stuff, and researching some tools to add to the good old Blog. Now you'll notice a  "sharing" feature after every post and also on the side toolbar. 
I also included a link to my running blog on the side because I'm really getting to the nitty-gritty training again for the Diva Half Marathon on October 3 which I'm soooo excited to be running with two of my bridesmaids: Mal and Mandy! Also, Blogger now allows me to add "pages", so I pretty much copied everything from our knot website (cause I don't really use it/nobody cares) and put the information on here. So, browse the pages above!!

I changed my profile picture for my user profile, and I worked on two posts that I'll be publishing in the next few weeks, and now I'm back to my regularly scheduled programming!

Chris and I went to a Dave Matthews Concert at Citifield on Saturday. Citifield is GORGEOUS, and I was so excited to see the new place. I have yet to see the new Yankee Stadium, and I'm also excited to see there too! The concert was good and I was really excited that they played "Crash Into Me." I knoooow, I know, it's the most overplayed DMB song EVER, but I still like it and I think it's kind of rare that he plays it at his concerts. This song immediately takes me back to those angsty teen years in Jr. High and High school. I listened to the Crash CD for the entirety of Summer 1999, and I also listened to it non-stop on my family vacation to Canada that year. You may also recall my awkward "Crash Into Me" moment with my parents, when I first actually listened to the lyrics. So, it is safe to say that this song is very close to my heart and super fun to listen to live while in the arms of your fiance!

I think that this week will be the official start to honeymoon planning!! The plan is to eat dinner with Chris and his mom tonight and start hashing out our itinerary for our Honeymoon. I don't know if I've actually said where we plan on going, but the plan is........
More Specifically:
Rome, Florence, Venice, Capri and Cinque Terre. Cinque Terre was recommended to me TWICE within the same week as somewhere we must go while in Italy. So, we're going to research that and see if we can fit it in. I mean just LOOK at this picture!

Chris's mom is going to be a huge help with the planning. She's planned two trips to Italy before and is very organized and thorough with her research and planning, so I will definitely be relying on her travel expertise for this part. However, I still plan to do some researching of my own for some restaurants and sites to see while we're there. How did people plan honeymoons before the internet?!?!

Sooo, for anyone out there who's been to Italy, or any of these 5 places within Italy...give me some tips please!!


Mom said...

I want to go to there! Btw, dad and I are tagging along. Cinque looks absolutely breathtaking. How long are you planning on honeymooning because to do all those places sounds like you'll need a month!

Mom said...

Btw, I like the new format. Easy to access all that important info like how you met and the engagement and the check list. I mean, now I can spend more time reading and re-reading every post without spending so much time looking for the highlights!

LWoodsNY said...

Thanks mother! Love the comments!! Haha "i want to go to there" Yes..we're actually going to take a 6 month working hiatus and tour the world. Hopefully we can see everything.

Lauren said...

Hi Laura, Randomly clicked your blog link from a facebook post and saw this post about your honeymoon. My wife and I just got back from a month backpacking trip to Europe and hit all those places except Capri. It was my second time at each and Cinque Terre is hands down one of my top 3 favorite spots in the world. I have tons of great tips for all over Italy, but espeically Cinque Terre if you're interested. Just drop me a line!