Thursday, July 29, 2010

Chelsea Clinton's Wedding

I'm not gonna lie, I am excited to see all the pictures from Chelsea Clinton's wedding hit the internet over the weekend, and I am eager to see some of the details in this extremely high profile wedding. However, I am SO SICK of hearing about Chelsea Clinton's wedding!! I have a google alert set for "wedding" and pretty much every single article I've been sent for the past three weeks is about Chelsea Clinton's wedding. Good Morning America and Today talk about it DAILY: Where will it be? Who will be there? How much does it cost? Who's going to wear what? blah blah blah...leave poor Chelsea alone and let her enjoy her wedding. I clicked on an article the other day entitled "Chelsea Clinton's wedding to cost millions" and these were the other articles it took me to:

I would be so upset if I saw those articles right before my wedding. They're not even about the wedding anymore (except the last one)! I'm sure she's used to handling the press, especially negative press. And, I'm sure some would say she's asking for it by having such a public wedding, but those articles have to sting a little! I realize I'm just perpetuating the madness by talking about it even more, but it seems to be the only thing anyone can talk about these days, so why not join in?

If the residents of Rhinebeck are smart, they'll head out of town for the weekend. It's going to be a real shit-show there with press and security. However, I REALLY REALLY think it would be great if the whole Rhinebeck Wedding leak is all a hoax to divert the media, and it's really in some completely other city or state. That would just be impressive. But, apparently tents are going up, roses are coming in, and luxury porta-potties are being installed at Astor Courts, so I don't think that's the case.

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