Monday, August 2, 2010

D-I-Y Wedding Crafts and Wine

Last week, Ashley invited Ben, Kyle, and me over to her place for some wine and wedding crafts! Benjamin was camping with his family for the week so he could not attend. (If you ask me, I think he made the whole thing up to get out of doing crafts!!)  After last week, I feel confident in appointing Ashley as the "D-I-Y Queen". She has so many fantastic, crafty ideas and hand-made touches planned for her wedding. It is truly impressive.

I was in charge of cutting out the program fans. It was tedious but they are so cute and they'll be a big hit at the ceremony (definitely scrapbook worthy). I got to her apartment all set to tackle a bunch of crafts and was thinking..."I'll be there 2 hours, we'll finish all her D-I-Y stuff, badda bing, badda boom, we're done!!" As I started to cut out the programs (2 pages of 6 tear-drop panels to make up one fan!), I quickly realized that this was a daunting task. Over the next 2 hours, I successfully cut out 5 programs!!! 5!! Out of 150!! Did I mention this was over 2 hours? Now...this was while talking, laughing, and drinking we should consider those outside factors, but still! Ashley had already cut a lot of on her own so I did definitely help her, but she still has a lot to do! Anyway, here are some pictures of what the projects look like. I'm going to make it my mission to learn how to take better pictures in bad lighting, but here's what I got: 
2 pages of these equaled one fan!

Wine and fan programs (not yet fastened)
Kyle and Ashley holding up the finished product
Kyle was working on the printer the entire time trying to get her Parker Pictures to print.

While I cut the fans, Ashley made these little pinwheels for the out-of-town bags. I'm not saying she burned herself on the glue gun multiple times...but I'm not not saying it either.:

The finished product! Yet to be attached to out-of-town bags
So, though I felt my contribution was insignificant...I know that 5 programs cut are 5 less that Ashley has to do and I know that every little bit helps. Perhaps we'll have another session to help her out in August, but either way good luck Ashley, and it'll all be fabulous!

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