Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Transportation and Rehearsal Dinner

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The goal of this week: Transportation!! I called Three Limosine companies yesterday: Royalty Limos, Camelot Limos, and Designer Limos. So far, Royalty gave me the best price, but Camelot wasn't able to give me pricing over the phone. They preferred we come in, look at the vehicles and sit down with a sales rep. However, they were extremely efficient and professional, so I'm not completely annoyed. We have an appointment with Camelot next Wednesday, September 8th. In addition, we are going to go see Designer Limos some night this week, and Royalty limos on Saturday.

Figuring out the logistics of the day has easily been the most complicated thing we've had to do so far! I realize that in general, I worry about everybody else all the time. I always want to make sure that everyone is accounted for, that rides are taken care of, and that nobody is left in the dark...and that's just on a normal basis! Add that to the fact that this is my own wedding day and I actually AM responsible for getting a large group of people from point A to point B (and to point C,D,E, and F in this case), and you have the makings of a panic attack!

I tried writing out the time-line of the day for you, but it was just too complicated and confusing. At the risk of losing you as readers forever, I'll spare you that for now. Part of the complication is that it is important to Chris and me that we include any dates of our bridal party in all the transportation. Most members of our bridal party are either married, engaged, or in long term relationships. Therefore, we are not only close with them, but with their significant others as well. We don't want them to be split up throughout such a large portion of the day. Though not all the kinks have been worked out with accommodating this, we are trying our hardest to make sure we can work it out, and I'm so hoping that we can. Here is a general idea of what we have had to figure out over the past few days:

a. Transporting our bridal party from the hotel, to our house, to get ready the morning of our wedding.
b. Transporting our bridal party, their dates, our parents, and us (separately), to the church.
c. Transporting our entire bridal party, their dates, our parents, and us, to the garden for pictures.
d. Transporting our entire bridal party, their dates, our parents, and us, to The Sandcastle.
e. Transporting our guests staying at the hotel to The Sandcastle.
f. Transporting all of our guests, and us, back to the hotel at the end of the night.

It might sound easy, but there are a lot of little logistical things that come with each item on the list that have made this overwhelming!
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But onto more fun things...we are going to check out the City Cafe on Friday as a possible Rehearsal dinner location!! They have bands perform there all the time, and a few different spaces within the restaurant for parties. Best of all, it's within walking distance from the hotel where most of our bridal party will be staying the night before the wedding.  I've never been there before, but Chris' parents suggested we check it out this weekend, and I'm very excited!

I finally posted my 2nd article to Examiner.com. (Only took me a month!) This is about the Long Island Bridal Extravaganza on September 20th, which I plan on attending. I'm hoping to get some good ideas, inspirations, and hopefully free swag! It's been a while since I've been to a Bridal Show, and while they can mostly be overwhelming, I feel ready to tackle another one, especially geared toward Long Island vendors. Let me know if any fellow Long Islanders, or Brides want to go with me!

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Mom said...

I guess asking friends to be drivers in your wedding and making tissue flowers to tape all over their cars is passe! Oh well, we have pictures to remember how it was done in the "good ol' days." I feel for you with all the logistics you have to consider. City Cafe sounds like it will be fun. And let me just mention that I am first to comment again!