Thursday, August 19, 2010

Mandy and Billy's Wedding Recap 2

I've been extremely busy lately and as a result, my wedding planning, and blog, have suffered. I can't wait until I'm into the swing of my new job so I can get back to these other things I love, but for now, it's been hard to fit everything in. I also still have not seen our engagement pictures, which I was really hoping to be able to post today.

So, I'm referring to a post that I've had saved up for a few weeks now for instances like this. In light of the fact that Chris and I will be going to 3 weddings in a row the first three weekends in September, what better time to revisit Mandy and Billy's wedding to remind ourselves just how much fun weddings are?! I'm still discovering pictures and videos from their wedding either on Chris's phone, or friend's pictures, or Mandy's professional pictures which she finally got to preview!! Chris had a bunch of videos on his phone that I literally have not stopped bugging him about for months. FINALLLLY, he put them on my computer and I can FINALLLY post them for all of you!! Watching these videos makes me so excited to go to a wedding again.

To start, Mandy and Billy did kareoke for their rehearsal dinner the night before the wedding. This is Billy, Eric, and Chris singing N'Sync's "Bye, Bye, Bye". You have no idea how much I love this video. I realize watching this whole thing might be a little much for everyone to watch, but if you can...try and at least watch my crafty video work and Eric's solo part around 2 minutes in, it's classic.

This is Single Ladies, featuring Kyle in the beginning and Ben and I come in to rock out near the end, we love that song!! Haha, I'm kind of humiliating myself by posting this, but I think it's an accurate depiction of how much fun we're having.

I'm adding this one a few hours after my original post, so if you're visiting again, watch this. This was the last song of the night and kind of goes through the whole "cast" of characters at the's hilarious. My favorite part is Ben at :27 [editor's note: This is the incorrect video!! I will repost with correct video as soon as I am able!]

Mandy finally got a slideshow of her professional pictures. They are AMAZZZZING!!! View them here!

And because animoto is my new obsession, and I just want you to look at slideshows all day, I created a slideshow of Mandy and Billy's Wedding! This kind of makes me cry every time I watch it....

I promise I'll get back to some hard core wedding planning next week!

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mom said...

That was a long but beautiful video of Mandy's and Billy's wedding. Loved the Bride's flowers with the lace wrapped around the stems. I also really liked the pics by the decaying walls of the building. I know that doesn't sound romantic but it was. Gave a perspective of timelessness. Very cool.