Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Dining Detour Guest Post!

Firstly, Happy Birthday to my fiancé!! Yesterday Chris turned 25, which I keep reminding him is the age he'll be when he gets married. Last night Chris's mom and I prepared some of his favorites for dinner: French Onion Soup, Meatloaf (my mom's recipe), and pierogies. Followed by an ice cream cake his dad brought home and chocolate chip cookies that I made from Mandy's top-secret recipe! I also got him (us) tickets to see Joel McHale at Carnegie Hall on November 5th! We're big The Soup fans, and have wanted to see him live for awhile, so hearing that he was going to be at Carnegie Hall, I jumped on getting him tickets for his birthday. I can't wait!

We got our engagement pictures yesterday!! There are a ton on the cd and I did a good job of weeding through them last night, but until I spend a little more time on the post, you probably won't see them until tonight or tomorrow! PROMISE! In the meantime, I am excited to announce that I guest blogged for the food blog Dining Detour this week! Be sure to add this blog to your list of regular blogs to follow. You can check out my post and recipe for my new favorite healthy cookies "Maple Nut Oaties" here:

Enjoy! Make some oaties, and stay tuned for our pictures really soon!


Kate V said...

1. I am thrilled I beat your Mom to the comments lol.

2. Happy Birthday Chris! Sounds like a great bday!!

3. I can't wait to see the pics. PLEASEEE let there be heart-hands, misty fades and inappropriate making out. Plleeasseee?

Mom said...

I would have beat you to the comment list, Miss Kate V but I was busy making things for someone's upcoming wedding! Haha! Laura, now that you and Chris are both 25 I hope you both pull through your quarter life crisis unscathed. I also wish you lived closer so I could have shared in that meal. It sounds so yummy!

Kate V said...

Wow, Mama Irene, I did beat you but only by a few minutes! You are ON IT! haha. I'm glad you were busy doing something productive - I was busy procrastinating at work which is equally as important. I agree I wish she lived closer so I too could have some of Chris's bday meal but Laura is obviously too cool to think of our needs.

I would just like to add that oaties are my fav thing since....ever. I like to come up with creative names (while procrastinating) for them including but not limited to:

Cocoa + oaties = cocoaties
Granola + oaties = Granoaties
Oaties on the go: Road oaties!

LWoodsNY said...

Haha you two are too funny! You're my biggest blog fans and I love it! Kate, your endless creativity never ceases to amaze me. Cocoaties, granoaties, and road oaties..hilarrrrious!