Thursday, August 12, 2010

Christina's Bachelorette Party

After a very intense week of splitting my time between my old job and my new job, plus a one-day stint at Jury Duty, I have to say I am MORE than ready to throw back my hair, have a few drinks and celebrate Christina's last "harrah" before her wedding! (You like how I did that there? "harrah"?) Yep, I'm off to A.C. (again!) for Christina's Bachelorette Party! Christina knows all the details of this weekend, so I can write about our plans without ruining any surprises this time around!

Saturday afternoon, her bridesmaids, plus other girlfriends (me!), will be meeting up in Philly for a good old fashioned pole-dancing lesson!  This will probably be mortifying and embarassing and I can't wait! I gotta work on my upper body strength! I'm hoping to perfect this move before the day is through:
Just kidding....sort of....I mean, I wouldn't want to show everyone else up or anything. Anyway....moving on...

After the 2 hour class, we are loading into cars and driving over to A.C. where we will be spending the night at Bally's. Christina got us an awesome deal on the hotel rates because she worked in A.C. for the past 2 years.
Once we settle into our rooms, we'll hang out, give Christina her gifts, get ourselves glammed up for the night out on the town, and probably do a little pre-gaming and toasting. We have an 8:30 dinner reservations at Carmines and after that, your guess is as good as mine! I know there was talk of possibly going over to the vodka ice bar at the Tropicana Hotel. It's 30 degrees below zero and they have a 60 foot bar made out of ice. I've always wanted to go to one of these bars, so I think it would be very cool to try and go to that! Whatever we do, it will be a good time and I'm so excited to get away and celebrate with some really fun girls, and most importantly, to make sure Christina has an awesome time.

I should also mention that Ashley's bachelorette party happens to be this weekend, too. :( Unfortunately, I will not be there to celebrate with her as well. I know the plans, (though she doesn't) and she's going to have a pretty fantastic weekend. Have a great time Ashley, and I can't wait to hear all about it on Monday!!

I was really, really, REALLY hoping that I would have our engagement pictures back by today to show you, but I'm still waiting, ever so patiently, to get the files. I HOPE I have them to show you guys by early next week. Fingers crossed!


jacin said...

fun! i went to a bach party in AC a few years ago and it was tons of fun. we stayed at tropicana and ate at carmines too :)

Anonymous said...

i'm so excited!!! to see all of you, of course, but to wear my NEW DRESS!! haha ~Christina

Mom said...

How did you find that picture of me pole dancing? I thought I had it so well hidden! (HaHa!).

Vodka and 30 below? I don't think I could handle either one of those! Just what does one wear to that kind of party? A quilted parka with a plunging neckline? I'm so out of touch!

At any rate have a blast "chillin'" with the girls!

Mom said...

I just realized you wrote a panindrome! Well, "harah" for you!

Mom said...

Oops! Palindrome.

LWoodsNY said...

Actually mom, "harrah" was funny because that's where christina used to work, not cause it was a palindrome..but good for you for catching a palindrome!