Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Christina's Bridal Shower

On Sunday I was lucky enough to attend the first of Christina's two bridal showers she's having. Her mom is throwing one for her in NY at the end of July, but I already have Mike and Kerry's engagement party to attend that day, so Kenny's mom was kind enough to invite me to the Bridal Shower she was throwing in Vineland, NJ. Kenny's backyard was so beautiful and they lucked out with really excellent weather! It was hot and humid, but there was a nice constant breeze, which made sitting outside totally bearable (despite the constant hair blowing in my face and mouth as I was trying to eat, but I digress...)

I got there a little after 1:00 and was treated to some lovely food. Cheese, guacamole, eggplant dip (which coincidentally Chris's mom has been making and I've been eating nonstop lately!) chips, vegetables and the like. Then sandwiches, broccoli salad, fruit, and salad for lunch. I caught up with Christina's family and her adorable grandmother. I also met two of Christina's co-workers from Harrah's and caught up with her fellow bridesmaid Emily, who I know from Wagner.

Emily put together a version of "The Newlywed Game" for Christina and Kenny which was TOP-NOTCH. She had 30 questions for both Christina and Kenny. She videotaped Kenny's answers a few weeks ago. Then, she would ask Christina the same question, would play the tape of Kenny's answers and we'd see how many they answered the same. I seriously could not BELIEVE how well they did. 21 1/2 out of 30 questions right?!?! They even answered "If Kenny was a fruit...what fruit would he be?" the same! I mean? How many fruits are there in the world and they both said Pineapple?? "If a meteor was heading toward your house and Kenny had to grab one last item to save before leaving what would he take?" They both answered correctly with computer/laptop. How does Christina like her coffee in the morning? "Splenda and whatever flavored creamer was on sale that week" answered exactly the same by both parties. Everyone there was really impressed.
Sadly, I don't think Chris and I would have done very well in this game. But all week I've been randomly asking Chris questions, just in case! Christina was laughing saying it's either really cute how many they answered the same, or just proof that they spend far too much time together and need to get a hobby and/or more friends. Hahaha! I would agree with her...if they weren't so gosh darn cute together!

Then Christina opened her presents!
That was from me!
While (Whilst?) she was opening gifts we had to make things out of toilet paper that Christina would need for her wedding night. I made a garter belt..but I didn't take enough toilet paper, so it ended up being a calflet. Bahaha, just what every bride needs on her wedding day... a calflet!

And what bridal shower would be complete without the ribbon hat?

Emily made an amazing pina-colada cake (pineapple cake with a coconut cream-cheese frosting). We also had a pineapple, mandarin-orange, marshmallow salad, brownies and cookies. I left around 5:30 to head back to New York and even though it took me 4 HOURS to get home due to traffic, it was still worth it. :) I'm so happy I was able to attend at least one of Christina's showers, and be there to celebrate with her through this exciting time.

3 months and counting you two!!

When I got home from work on Monday, Christina and Kenny's wedding invitation was waiting for us in our mailbox. I love them!! It's almost here Christina!!


Anonymous said...

i love it!!!!! thank you so much for coming down!! newlywed game REMATCH soon!

Mom said...

Sounds like it was such a good time. I got lots of good ideas. I think it was ingenious of Emily to tape Kenny's responses to questions and then ask Christina the same questions and play his back (that is an impressive score by the way!). Hmmm...good idea for the future perhaps!

It's A Love Story said...

Do you know where she got them I love them!