Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Ashley's Bridal Shower

This past weekend was Ashley's Bridal shower in good old Pennsylvania: God I love that state! Saturday morning I picked up Ben and Kyle from the Staten Island Ferry (what a blast from the past that was) and we headed our way out to Ashley's parents house. Ashley's house was just lovely and it was the perfect setting for a Bridal Shower. Ashley's Beautiful Bridesmaids and Flower girl:
Bridesmaids plus Flower Girl plus Ashley

There was great food, good company and all around good times. I looved the croissant sandwiches with turkey and chicken salad. They also had a great salad with poppy-seed dressing, and panini's with turkey, jelly and cheese, among other delicious treats. For dessert they had Dutch apple pie as well as another apple and peach pie with ice cream! YUM! Of course, there was lots and lots of wine on hand as well. It was also great to see and catch up with Smith and her mom!
Ashley with her Grandma, and proof that we were there! This is the only picture of Ben, Kyle and me from that day!
Ben, Kyle, Smith and I were kind of the bad kids in the back of the classroom as Ashley opened all her wonderful gifts. I guess that's what happens when you drink lots of wine on a hot day...at least that's what I'm telling myself. So there we were, the raucous crew in the back of the room, but as Smith pointed out: Ashley would have been right there with us had she not been stuck, ya know..opening gifts and all. (What a hardship!!)
Cannisters from the Smith's!
Starting to open my gift!
She got some beautiful things...cannisters, towels, pie dishes, a tarte tartine!, bakeware, silverware, etc. etc. AND a beautiful big red platter from 'moi, that I hope...no expect, to be served a turkey on next Thanksgiving! I also won 2nd place in "Wedding Gift Bingo" once she opened my gift which was super exciting!! I got a soap dish that I proceded to drop in front of everyone and nearly missed Mrs. Smith's broken and cast foot...good one Laura, good one.

When all was said and done, Ashley had a BEAUTIFUL hat to show for it that Jeff's sister Reagan made. So, another successful and enjoyable Bridal Shower, I have such fun friends!! I didn't want to leave, but my parents were waiting for me in Allentown so I bid farewell a little before 6:00, and headed home to Allentown for the night (only 45 minutes away!)

On Sunday..my mom and I went shopping and got some materials for the bridesmaid's gifts my mom will be putting together and I am SO. EXCITED. about it. It was so fun to pick out things and get some nitty-gritty project work started for the wedding!

P.S. Stay tuned: Tomorrow I have a very special announcement!!

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