Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Proposal

I was up until 2:15 last night, which is probably the latest I have stayed up on a school work night in a loooong time. However, I’m surprisingly chipper today and do not regret it one bit. Lately, I’ve been up late packing up my life or just lying in bed not able to sleep because I can’t stop thinking about my plan of attack for packing. But last night, coming off my high of just seeing one of my favorite Broadway shows In the Heights, I somehow ended up on YouTube searching “marriage proposals”. It started with just one video and I don’t even know how I ended up there; but two hours and a box of tissues later, I didn’t know where the time went!! Maybe it’s just me who gets wrapped up in this stuff but I couldn’t.stop.watching.

Some of the proposals were incredibly awkward and uncomfortable to watch. Some caused my jaw to drop and me to squirm in my seat I was so uncomfortable by either a negative reaction or no reaction at all, or two really awkward human beings together, but you’re still kind of happy that they found each other so it’s strangely cute sort of thing. Some made me bawl so much I was afraid my tears were going to short out my keyboard. Some were so genuine and amazing or over the top in either a good or a bad way.

I should clarify…I really never would have wanted Chris to videotape his proposal to me…as interesting and fun as it would be to look back on it, I think that it would have affected my genuine reaction knowing that I was being videotaped. Not to mention…the mere fact that only the two of us were in that moment and only we have that, is what makes it special to me. Even if we had a tape, I wouldn’t want to share it with the rest of the world. (I mean..unless I looked REALLY good in the video or something). I also am glad that mine wasn’t a public proposal…which again would have affected my genuine reaction. This isn’t to say that I think any less of videotaped proposals or public proposals because I honestly really am all for them. I think they can be done really well and can be absolutely adorable. In fact, I personally thank you each and every one of you for videotaping/publicly proposing because then I wouldn’t have had anything to watch until 2am last night!

I watched dozens and dozens of videos last night..and probably will watch more tonight. But I feel the need to highlight some of my favorites here:

I think this guy’s proposal is really sweet. He obviously had gone through a lot and felt very passionate about what he was talking about. This was a place or group where he felt safe and had obviously been through a lot with, so I really think this is sweet. (Fast Forward to 1 minute if you don't want to watch the whole thing)

I don’t know why….but these two stick out in my head most. Maybe this means subconsciously I wanted Chris to propose to me on a Ski Slope??
I think this woman's reaction is really cute:

This girl is the absolute cutest thing I have ever seen!:

This one is great because it IS just the two of them and she most likely has NO IDEA that he’s taping so it is genuine. I love that she just can’t stop crying. It’s so cute! (fast forward to 1:16)

Two of the more awkward proposals I saw:

Is the guy going to say anything or just shove the ring in her face? I see he went with "shove the ring in her face." Then, whomever is watching says "let's all have a 'round of applause" and only one person claps! Also, how old they??12?? Is that legal?

First, is she really happy? Because she doesn't really seem to really care. Second, they make out for like 1 minute in front of their mom, while she's taping, and the mom just laughs throughout the whole thing! This video makes me all around uncomfortable:

Overall, I noticed that the most common thing for people to say when they get engaged is “Oh my God” which is exactly what I kept saying over and over when Chris proposed. Please share with me some others below that you may find on YouTube if you happen to enjoy watching this as much as I do!


Kate Veee said...

Christmas Proposal 2008 has been removed...possibly b/c of your blog.

LWoodsNY said...

omg!! i just noticed that, think??