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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Wedding Recap: The Boys Get Ready

Happy Anniversary (one day late) to Christina and Kenny! I can't believe it's been a year already since your amazing wedding!

Just catching up on our wedding? Here's what happened so far:

We had our ceremony rehearsal at our Church
Chris gave his gifts to the groomsmen
Meet my dress

Obviously, I wasn't with Chris the morning of the wedding to see him get ready, which is why it was so exciting to see all our pictures and see what it was like at his parent's house getting ready before the ceremony. Here are some the highlights from Chris' morning...though I don't have much to share about it other than, they got ready, they drank beer and moonshine, and then it was time to go get married! Guys have it so easy, don't they?!

The guys watching tv, before heading out: Billy, James, Matt, Chris, Mike, Chris, Mike and Ben

Haha Oh Mike....we love you anyway....

Before getting in the limo to head to the church.
When Chris arrived at our church, he was met by a ton of family and friends who were eager to see him. Here he is with his brother and Aunt Judy:
 Chris and his Grandmother
 This is Chris' Godfather's son, Alexander, and he is the cutest boy in the whole world!
 The Groomsmen/Ushers handing out programs and seating guests!

Next, I arrive at the church!


Mom said...

Such handsome boys.Especially Alexander!Sorry Chirs you've been outshined.

Mrs. Pancakes said...

Aww...it looks like a good time. I love that there was some beer and TV! Gotta love the husbands-to-be!

Heather said...

Great shots, and yes, the guys definitely have it so easy!

Miss Tattoo said...

His grandmothers glasses are hot!

Bride-onicles said...

Love that they were drinking moonshine, that seems to be the popular thing for the guys to do before weddings!!! Great photos!

Laura said...

These are great. When did your photographer go over there, or did you have two? I'm going to have to work something out for this....

Emily said...

Loving his grandmother's glasses! She looks like a fun lady!

steph c said...

I'm totally 100% in love with the guys getting ready pics - it's the part you never get to see, and it always ends up seeming so sweet ;)

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