Thursday, September 15, 2011

Wedding Recap: Arriving at the Sand Castle

I swear I'm JUST ABOUT done with all our posed shots...and ready to just get on with the wedding day! But we took so many great pictures in the garden at the Sand Castle and I don't want to leave those out, since this was about an hour of our day.

A Congratulatory hand-shake - they're probably looking at me ;)
The boys catching up


Our Fathers

My Ladies!
I believe this was when some servers brought out trays of food and drinks
for us to kick off cocktail hour while we were taking pictures...we were a BIT excited :)

Before I continue...can I just say how gorgeous our mothers looked on our wedding day?!
The Sand Castle has a great garden area in the back for pictures. We originally were going to go to the Clark Botanical Garden in between the church and the reception and thank goodness we changed our minds a few months before the wedding. We literally would not have had ANY time to do so, and probably would have missed our cocktail hour entirely. This would have really upset us since we were very adamant about attending our cocktail hour from the start. Our venue turned out to be just fine to get some of the great shots that we wanted!

 And we're off to start the partying...and EATING! (Though I literally had NO appetite that day)
 Check out the shoes!

Finally - next up: Cocktail hour!!


Mom said...

Oh what fun! I love the B&W photo of you sitting and Chris standing and holding your hands. You can just "feel the LUUVVV!" I do think I look a little weird in the 2nd photo with Mama D but oh well. Your venue was a great spot for the photos.

Jessica said...

Wow, Laura-- what beautiful pictures! They all turned out so well! Also, I'm glad I wasn't the only bride who had no appetite on their wedding day! :P

It's A Love Story said...

I love the one of you and your mom!

Heather said...

These came out so great, Laura! Our garden shots are some of my favorites from the day, too. That picture of you and your mom is so cute and sweet!

Kassi @ Truly Lovely said...

Love the pictures with your moms!!! What a beautiful garden! :)

Bride-onicles said...

Your venue had so many amazing photo op spots..I hope ours has as many gorgeous locations for pics!!

The Vintage Modern Bride said...

you really chose a great venue. i love all the pictures you've shared with us! these pictures are all great (especially the kissy one of you and chris). and yalls moms...too cute! they look gorgeous too :)

Anonymous said...

I love these!