Thursday, October 6, 2011

Wedding Recap: Card Box and Gift Table

As you remember, I made our card box out of a gift box we received for our engagement party. My dad helped me cut a slit into the top for cards to be inserted and that was all we had to do! I made a sign that said "Cards" that I placed on a small easel on top of it.
deja vu studios
Then I had a Thank You banner placed in front of the box.
deja vu studios
My "Thank You" Banner was super easy to make. I followed a great tutorial that Jill put on her blog at Strawberry Blonde Bride, that you can find here.

I printed out the letters in word using "Romantiques" Font that I downloaded.
I bought a Fiskars Circle Cutter from Michaels and got to work cutting out circles around the letters - using one of my mom's cutting mats from her sewing room so I wouldn't cut through anything.

Then I cut even bigger circles out of black paper and glued the circles together. Finally, I glued each circle to a green ribbon.
Here was my mock up of how I wanted the display to look:
And here's how the finished product looked near our sweetheart table!
deja vu studios
Thanks so much to Jill for giving me such a great idea, and for making this such a fun and easy project! This was so easy, I can see myself making many banners like this in the future for various occasions!


Mom said...

There are so many uses for the circle cutter and so many banners you could make for every holiday and occassion. Love the font. How did you know how big to make the font? Was it just trial and error?

Jessica said...

That looks great!! So pretty... something I wish I had done!

Heather said...

It looks great! Don't you love easy projects that look fabulous? We used a cage for our card box, which was perfectly fitting with our romantic theme.

Megan said...

Laura, you are amazing! You just saved me from lots of stress. I have been needing to buy a paper punch for circles, but I needed different sizes for various wedding projects but I didn't want to have to buy all of the different sizes. Then here you come telling me about this circle cutter that does multiple sizes! You just saved me from going insane, haha! I can't wait to go purchase this and get to work on the banners that I have been planning on making and the little decals for our favor boxes! Thanks a ton and I love what you did with the banner and the box!

Saying I do said...

yay! so glad I could help you out Megan! That circle cutter is def. a great find, I hope it helps you out with all your projects!

Mom: I sadly don't remember what size font I used...I think whatever font Jill had in her tutorial, but it was very much trial and error..I printed a lot of test sheets before getting it right.

HiLLjO said...

That's SO cute!!! Love the type on the circles you cut.

Anonymous said...

Wow! That is so simple but with an amazing result! Great job! I must remember to get one of those!

Karen said...