Monday, October 3, 2011

*Update* Blogging Brides

Happy Birthday to my DAD who's birthday was yesterday!! I love you!

There is quite a large Blogging Bride community out there and it gets bigger and bigger every day as more and more couples get engaged. I have many new followers I've acquired over the past few months, and many of you may not realize that I have a "Blogging Brides" page at the top of my blog. When I get new followers, I try to add them to the list, but it is a LOT to keep track of, and I think I've slacked in maintaining this list lately.

So I am going to re-post this again today in the hopes that I can add to it and fix some things up:
Please leave me a comment below if you want to be added/removed, or if you notice any mistakes in broken links or incorrect dates.


          2/19: Laura @ Wine and Cheese, Please
          2/26: Jess @ Being Mrs. Beer
          3/3: Emily @ Steve Plus Emily
          3/5: City Girl Bride
          3/24: Heidi @ The Sweet Life

           4/10: Victoria @ Little Miss Mac (to be)
           4/19: Two Hearts, One Beach Wedding   
           4/??:  Sara @ Butterfly Cottage
           4/23: The Adventures of Team Pancakes
           4/23: The Future Mrs
           4/30: Nicole-Lynn @ Live with the Beverly's
           4/30: Melissa @ The Best is Yet to Come

          5/1: Beth @ The Goodlaff Bride
          5/1: Katie @ Koala Chique
         5/21: Laura @ Saying "I do"
          5/21: Anne @ The Fit Bridesmaid
          5/21: Heather @ He Asked, I said Yes
          5/27: Lauren @ Eat Drink and Be Married 
          5/28: Jessica @ A Little bit of Everything
          5/29: 5K Becomes a Bride

          6/10: HillJo @ Daisy to Sunflower
          6/10: Erin @ The Long Distance Bride      
          6/11: It's a Love Story
          6/11: Natasha @ A Day in the Life
          6/18: Kassi @ Truly Lovely
          6/19: Always Wright @ Wedding Day and Beyond         
          6/19: Vicki @ Crowning Victoria 
          6/22: Jessica @ Happily Ever After
          6/24: Kamie @ True Love Story's Never Have Endings
          6/25: Becca @ Countdown to June 24, 2011
          6/25: Chelsea @ Chelsea Gets Married
          6/25: Kelly @ The IKEA Bride
          7/2: Lexi @ $15K and 1,000 Miles Away
          7/9: Miss Margarita
          7/10: Leana @ Enginner + Geek Tie the Knot
          7/16: Jasmine @ Jasmine and Sean
          7/16: Robin @ HitchDied
          7/20: Jess @ The Daytime Owl
          7/22: Shana at Whimsy Wedding Day         
          7/30: Natalie @ Semi-Homemade Wedding
8/1: The Oceanside Bride
          8/6: Annie @ WinkingAnnie
          8/6: Lisa @ It's the Same but Different
          8/10: Miss D @ And Something Pink 
         8/13: The Average Bride @ A Day in the Life of a Bride        
          8/13: Jill @ Strawberry Blonde Bride
          8/15: Miss Cuddlefish @ All the Lacy Details
          8/20: Dee @ LittleBirddee
          8/20: Ashley @ Married in the Middle of Nowhere
          8/27: Donnica @ Fighting Bridezillas
          8/27:  Lauren at The Bride Side of Life
          8/27: Laura at Broke Ever After          

   9/3: Cheryl @ Sweet Disposition         
          9/??: Sarah @ A Wedding with a View
          9/??: Wannabe DIY Bride
          9/9: Amanda @ From Thee to We
          9/10: Manda @ Wouldn't Change it for the World..
          9/10: Jenny @ Our Day In the Making
          9/17: Champagne Bride
          9/23: Heather @ Hangry Pants 
          9/21: Miss Hire Wire @ Fit, Fun and Fabulous
          9/24: Margie and Drew @ Margie and Drew's Southern Wedding Blog
          9/??: Angela @ The Side Table

          10/1: Confessions of a Grad School Bride
          10/7: Miss Doxie @ My Journey from Miss to Mrs.
          10/15: Miss Coffeebean @ What This Heart Wants
          10/15: Tara @ Diva Gone Domestic          
          10/22: Jenny @ Jenny Busy Bee
          10/29: Stacy @ Living, Laughing, and Loving my Life
           10/??: Ms. Lemon Puppy @ The Lemon Puppy

         11/5:  Kristin @ Busy Bee
         11/12: Danielle @ Sealed with a Kiss
         11/11: Hearts and Whimsy
         11/19: Rachel @ A Green Eyed Bride
         11/25: Ashley @ Eleven Twenty Five Eleven

          12/3: Stephanie @ The Vintage Modern Bride



1/7/2012: Megan @ Butterfly Dreams and Things
1/28/12: Natalie @ Bells and Bows

3/24/12: Tiffany @ Bride-Onicles of a Soon to Be Bride 

4/14/12: Mel @ Adventures in Wedding Planning
4/21/12: Imperfect Obsession
4/21/12: "I do" on the Bayou
4/21/12: Elvi @ Life, Wedding, Nonsense
4/29/12: Kristina @ Pretty Rambles

5/4/12: Teeny @ Sparkles and Cheaterpants
5/5/12: Karen @ The Adventure Begins
5/19/12: Mindy @ Budget Fairy Tale
6/9/12: Frances @ From Seattle, With Love

6/9/12: Petchie @ Petchie's Blog Book
6/2/12: Tracy @ B and T Wedding
6/16/12: Steph @ You're the Cheese to My Macaroni 

7/12: Kevin and Julie
7/14/12: Micah @ Roses are Blue

9/8/12: K @ Down at Fraggle Rock
9/15/12: Building Life Through Love

9/15/12: Miss Tattoo @ Tattoos and Lace
9/15/12: Viki @ Hobbies and Everything In Between
9/29/12: Amanda @ Twoninenine and Ever After       
9/29/12: Shari @ The Blushing Bride

10/13/12: Sandy Toes Bride

11/12: Musings of a Modern Bride

12/?/12: My Amazing Fabulous Wedding of my Dreams
12/?/12: Our Big Disney Adventure

June 22, 2013: Jenn @ A Red, Silver, and Black Affair

Unknown Date:
Dress Floozy Anonymous

The Cupcake Bride
Floating Mccleods
Little Miss Planner
Married Away in Mexico 
Jamie @ Jamie Days 
MY Wedding

Aubergine Kisses
Rachel @ Midnight Sun
Love, Julie
Not listed? Leave me a comment with your wedding date and I'll add you to the list!


Mom said...

Wow! That's a lot of people willing to take the plunge. Nice that you are here to offer advise and humor along the way.

k... said...

Hearts and Whimsy 11/ 11 is the date. Thanks for keeping this list!!

Jess @ Being Mrs. Beer said...

You missed me! I was 2/26/11. This is an awesome list!

Mindy said...

I would love to be added! Mindy 5/19/2012.

Kristina said...

Thanks so much for adding me to this list! I appreciate it. Oh and when you have time check out my blog. I passed on the versatile blogger award to you

K said...

Hey Lady, We officially changed our date to 9/8/12. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Aww! I never noticed this! Our date changed to 9-15-12! Thanks for keeping the list!

Kristy | Wedding Roses Co said...

WOW great list of blogging brides!! aaand growing!!

Bride-onicles said...

I love this list, it helped me find so many other awesome blogs!! You rock!

Viki said...

Wow what a great list. I was wondering if I could be added to the list.

I am getting married Sept 15, 2012. said...

oh my gosh I have a lot of blogging crawling to do! So many new brides!

Karen said...

Thanks so much for posting this!!

Alissa said...

I never noticed the list either! Lots of new things to read. :) 7/7/12