Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Mike and Kerry's Wedding Recap: Getting Ready and the Ceremony

Congratulations to Kate V for winning my Crown Card Giveaway from last week! Yes, Kate happens to be a good friend of mine...but I swear this wasn't rigged for her, and as a loyal follower, she has very fairly been trying to win one of my giveaways for quite some time now! So congrats Kate! Normally, this is where I tell you to send me your address...but I'll just give them to you at one of our lunch dates! Thanks to all who entered...I have some more giveaways lined up in the coming weeks!
Now for the real task at hand: The morning of Mike and Kerry's wedding started around 8:00 for us girls. We got up, had breakfast downstairs, and our hair lady arrived at 9:00am. Remember Terry and Sandra from my wedding day? These fabulous ladies were back again for Kerry's wedding!
Sister to the Groom, Julie, started it off by getting her hair done first.
Kerry put together a great basket of munchies for us to snack on while getting ready, complete with honey and jams from the Queens County Farm!
Also in this basket, and in all the out of town bags were these door hangers, ordered from non other than Laura at Thoughtfully Designed!
Sandra arrived to start on make-up at 10:00am and Dana was first to get started!
Our premmade up faces!

 Kerry gets all beautified!
 Alyssa gets her hair done
 Lindsay is all smiles!
Kate gets her makeup done
Kerry and Dana
Kerry's look coming together!

Kerry's gorgeous Headband was ordered from The Novelist on Etsy! If you are remotely looking for a wedding day headband, you MUST check out this shop!
 Finishing touches on makeup:

Our mimosa drinking straws!! (These will also appear later at cocktail hour!)
Kerry ordered the straws from Party Fairy on Etsy, and made the tags herself using Word. With the help of a few bridesmaids, they cut them out individually, used continuous glue line, and adhered them to the barbershop straw.

Kerry also ordered this beautiful personalized marriage certificate from Two Cardinal Day on Etsy. It was officially signed by the Maid of Honor and Best Man and is a beautiful and official reminder of their wedding day. Right now, this is beautifully placed in their living room!
Before she got in her dress, Kerry was given a gift bag that Mike had given to the MOH the night before. Inside were two fragrances: Fendi and Marc Jacobs: Oh, Lola!
Then it was time to get in her gorgeous J. Crew dress....yes, those are pockets!
 Her mother (doesn't she look gorgeous??!!) helps her with her pearls:
Kerry's Dad comes in to see her for the first time, so cute!
Kerry's parents presented her with a ring before heading off to the church. The ring was her grandmother's  engagement diamond in the center with Kerry's mother's diamond earrings on the side. Together, these diamonds made a three-stone ring in a filigree setting for Kerry to treasure forever. It was such a gorgeous and personal addition to her wedding day attire, and perfect for her "something old".
Of course, I've got to sneak a picture in here of me with the bride! Kerry chose this gorgeous green color dress from J. Crew. There were three different dress styles that we had to chose from. We also were each gifted with matching J. Crew earrings and bracelets from the Bride!
The dresses combined with these vibrant, bright, bridesmaid bouquets was an amazing combo! When it came to flowers: Kerry was a girl who knew what she wanted, conveyed what she wanted perfectly, and got exactly what she asked for. I should have brought her with me to my flower consultations!!
 And here's the Bride's gorgeous bouquet:
Then we all piled into the limousine to head off to the church!
 We arrived at the church for the ceremony with about 10 minutes to spare. 
We ushered Kerry into the church, blocking her from view of everyone else before she made her grand entrance and the ceremony began:
After the ceremony: married and all smiles!
Me and the Hubs - it was so fun to both be in the wedding party!
 These boys have been friends since Elementary school!
Chris, Mike, and Chris
She's a married Lady!
 And he's a happy, married man!!
 The couple is whisked out of the church for some pictures before we head off to the reception!!
AMAZING picture:
 Next up: Cocktail Hour and Reception at the Queens County Farm!


Mom said...

OMG! Where to start! The bride's dress and veil were gorgeous. That was the first time I got to see Kerry's veil from behind. The bridesmaids dresses were gorgeous. Love the color and the bouquets looked fabuous with them. I do like that retro pic of Kerry and Mike exiting the church. But I have to admit I got a little sad seeing the one of Kerry's mom putting the pearls on her. Where or where is the one of me and sis zipping you up? So glad everything turned out so well for their wedding. Oh-and that marriage license-WOW!

Heather said...

I just love seeing the "getting ready" stage of a wedding. It's such a fun time that captures so much excitement and anticipation. Everyone looks beautiful, and I love the marriage certificate!

Anne said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE those colors!! Someone at work at a bouquet of flowers with bright green, pink, and orange. I took a picture on my iPhone to enjoy and muse on them later. Everyone looks gorgeous! Love the J. Crew Wedding! :D

Kassi @ Truly Lovely said...

Love, love the combo of the pretty green dresses and bright flowers! SO fun! Her dress is gorgeous also!!

Kate V said...



I am seriously excited by these cards, you have no idea. I am already imagining all the thank you notes I'm going to write. I might frame one.

Fellow blog followers: It is not rigged. I suggested she just give me the bag for the bag giveaway, and she wouldn't because of morals or something.

Kristina said...

First off I love the dresses. Probably b/c my bridesmaids are going to be in the SAME color! I love the guys ties too! Even more awesome is my friend got married at the Queens farm last Columbus Day weekend.

Kerry said...

Thank you! I actually purchased the ties off of They were only $15 a piece and such great quality. I wanted to keep the pink, green, and orange color scheme going and the website had a great selection for it. I was able to find all three colors (and even ivory for my husband) in the exact same paisley print! I would certainly recommend the site.

Tracy said...

Those are some GORGEOUS flowers!

The Vintage Modern Bride said...

first, i love that her parents made her a ring! how awesome is that?! love all the getting ready pics and how pretty everyone looked for the wedding!