Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Mike and Kerry's Wedding Recap: The Rehearsal

Welcome to Mike and Kerry's Wedding Recap WEEK!! 
I had MANY people asking me when the heck I would finally recap this wedding, and I understand that there is great demand for this one! So, I've decided the only sensible way to recap it is to start at the very beginning and recap for a whole week! This is not to take away from any of the amaaazing weddings we've been to over the past few years. It's just that Chris and I were so involved in this particular wedding, and I've gotten much better about my documenting and blogging over the years.

Friday, September 23 was their Rehearsal/Reahearsal Dinner: We arrived at the church (the same one Chris and I got married at just 4 months ago!) on Friday night ready to rehearse and then to eat!
It was rainy and humid out, but better to have that for the rehearsal than the actual wedding day! (Which ended up being exactly what happened).
Me and Hubs!
Billy signing the marriage license:
 Alyssa signing the marriage license:
After the Maid of Honor and Best Man signed the marriage license, Kerry lined us all up in our processional order.

Mike and Kerry with Father Cunningham, Billy, and Alyssa:

Rehearsing their vows!
 The blushing bride with her amazing bouquet made by bridesmaid Amanda!
Next, it was off to dinner at Trinity Restaurant! Kerry and Alyssa arranged all the centerpieces themselves, and also printed off the adorable menu cards!
Here is Chris with the happy coupe: He's probably saying something inappropiate about marriage...something along the lines of "You can still back out...are you sure you want to do this? Marriage isn't all it's cracked up to be...etc. etc." harr harrr harrr

 Maid of Honor and Groom!
 Our table!
 The parents of the Bride and Groom
 The happy couple!!
After that, all the girls were off to the hotel where we were spending the night with Kerry and waking up bright and early for hair and makeup the next day at 9am!!


Mom said...

I love the color of Kerry's dress at the rehearsal dinner. And I like your dress too. The centerpieces and menu cards that they made were a nice touch. Oh, you DIY brides!

Kerry said...

Thank you! The Staples website bacame my new best friend during the weeks before the wedding. It offers really great printing options on all different kinds of paper. I made many projects, like my menu cards, in word, and they were finished in less than 24 hours!

Heather said...

Wow, her rehearsal bouquet is awesome and it looks like everyone had a blast at the dinner. I just love all of the anticipation and excitement at a rehearsal!

Dancy said...

Gorgeous church - looking forward to more pics.

Kassi @ Truly Lovely said...

How fun! The bow bouquet looks great! :) And the menus and what not by the bride are lovely!