Friday, October 21, 2011

Friday Find: Cute Engagement

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It's another engagement video! At least this one isn't a flash mob (buuut I have a really good one of those saved up for the coming weeks so be prepared)! I think this is a really cute, and unique proposal, and the girl clearly doesn't suspect anything. I like that we don't really hear them speaking until the very end when she comes over to the while this is obviously a very public proposal - a part of it remains intimate enough for them since we can't really hear what's being said.

At least their dog didn't ruin their engagement video like this guy: 
Haha, whoops! Better luck next time! Have a great weekend :)


Mom said...

OMG!! That second one is so hilarious I was ROTFL! What a great way to start my day!!! Thank you!

The Vintage Modern Bride said...

ok so i saw the first one and was like "awww how sweet". then i watched the second, and died laughing lol. love these!

Heather said...

That dog video is so awesome! I like that one better than the first one since it's more unstaged and "real."

Mrs. Pancakes said...

these are soo cute yet funny! you always have to wonder though if they are staged!

Kassi @ Truly Lovely said...

CUTE!!! The top one I mean... That dog would be in deep trouble! heehee!